Irish music stars born in 1973

Here are 9 famous musicians from Republic of Ireland were born in 1973:

Caroline Corr

Caroline Corr (March 17, 1973 Dundalk-) a.k.a. Caroline Georgina Corr, Corr, Caroline, the Corrs or Chick with Stick is an Irish singer, musician and drummer. She has three children, Jake Gerrard Woods, Georgina Woods and Rihann Woods.

Genres she performed: Pop music, Rock music and Celtic music.

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Rea Garvey

Rea Garvey (May 3, 1973 Tralee-) also known as Raymond Garvey, Raymond Michael Garvey, R. G., Rea, Garvey, Rea or Reamonn-Garvey is an Irish musician, singer and guitarist.

His most important albums: Can’t Stand the Silence, Can't Stand the Silence, Wild Love, , Can't Say No, Pride and Can't Stand the Silence: The Encore. Genres he performed: Pop rock.

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Dermot O'Leary

Dermot O'Leary (May 24, 1973 Colchester-) also known as Sean Dermot Finton O'Leary, Seán Dermot Fintan O'Leary, Jr. or Dermot O'Diddly is an Irish presenter, comedian and disc jockey.

He is best known for hosting the UK version of The X Factor from 2007 to 2016. O'Leary started his career as a DJ on a local radio station in Essex and later moved to national radio presenting shows on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 1. In addition to his television and radio work, O'Leary has also written and published children's books. He is a patron of several charities including the Dyslexia Action and the National Youth Theatre. In 2019, O'Leary and his wife Dee Koppang welcomed their first child, a son named Kasper.

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Damien Rice

Damien Rice (December 7, 1973 Celbridge-) otherwise known as Rice, Damien or Dodi Ma is an Irish singer-songwriter, record producer, musician and film score composer.

Discography: O, The Blower's Daughter, Cannonball, B-Sides, Lonely Soldier, Volcano, Woman Like a Man, Rootless Tree, Live From the Union Chapel and 9. Genres he performed include Acoustic music, Folk music, Folk rock, Indie rock and Indie pop.

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Róisín Murphy

Róisín Murphy (July 5, 1973 Arklow-) otherwise known as Roìsìn Murphy, Roisin Murphy, Murphy, Róisín, Roisi­n Murphy, Murphy, Roisi­n, Róisín Marie Murphy or Moloko is an Irish record producer, singer-songwriter and actor. She has two children, Clodagh Henwood and Tadhg Properzi.

Her albums include Sequins EP: One of Three, Sequins EP: Two of Three, Sequins EP: Three of Three, Ruby Blue, If We're in Love, Sow Into You, Overpowered, Let Me Know, Live at Ancienne Belgique 19.11.07 and Overpowered. Genres related to her: Electronica, Jazz, Pop music, Experimental rock, Disco, Nu jazz, Electronic dance music, House music, Trip hop, Electronic music, Neo soul, Dance music, Experimental music, Funk, New Wave, Synthpop, Alternative dance and Nu-disco.

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Andrew Strong

Andrew Strong (November 14, 1973 Dublin-) also known as Strong, Andrew is an Irish singer.

His most important albums: Greatest Hits, Gypsy's Kiss, Out Of Time, Strong and The Commitments Years and Beyond (Live). Genres: Blues, Pop rock and Soul music.

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Brian Crosby

Brian Crosby (June 12, 1973 Republic of Ireland-) otherwise known as Bell X1 or Crosby, Brian is an Irish musician, record producer, film score composer and composer.

Bell X1 was formed in 1999 by Brian Crosby along with band members David Geraghty and Paul Noonan, and they quickly rose to fame in Ireland with their debut album, 'Neither Am I'. The band has since released several successful albums, including 'Music in Mouth', 'Flock', and 'Chop Chop'. In addition to his work with Bell X1, Crosby has also produced records for other artists, including The Frames and The Coronas. He has composed music for several films and television shows, including the Irish film 'Small Engine Repair' and the BBC drama 'The Fall'. Crosby is known for his honest and introspective songwriting, and has been praised for his unique sound and style which incorporates elements of folk, rock, and electronic music.

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Jack Lukeman

Jack Lukeman (February 11, 1973 Athy-) also known as Jack L is an Irish singer.

His albums include Metropolis Blue, Universe and Sunday Independent. Genres he performed include Rock music and Alternative rock.

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Sinéad O'Carroll

Sinéad O'Carroll (May 14, 1973 Dublin-) a.k.a. Sinead O'Carroll or O'Carroll, Sinéad is an Irish musician, singer-songwriter, dancer and actor.

Her related genres: Pop music.

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