Israeli music stars born in 1953

Here are 5 famous musicians from Israel were born in 1953:

Gali Atari

Gali Atari (December 29, 1953 Rehovot-) a.k.a. Avigail Atari, Milk and Honey or עטרי, גלי is an Israeli singer and actor.

Related albums: , and .

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Hana Laszlo

Hana Laszlo (June 14, 1953 Tel Aviv-) a.k.a. Hana Laszlo, Hanna Laszlo, Hana Laslo, Hanna Laslau, Hannah Laslow, חנה לסלאו or Hanna Laslo is an Israeli actor and comedian.

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Ehud Banai

Ehud Banai (March 31, 1953 Jerusalem-) also known as אהוד בנאי or Banai, Ehud is an Israeli singer, songwriter and film score composer.

His albums include Karov, Anneh Lee, , , , , , , and . Genres he performed include Folk music, Folk rock and Rock music.

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Shimi Tavori

Shimi Tavori (February 9, 1953 Israel-) also known as Tavori, Shimi is an Israeli singer.

His albums include Remember. Genres: Mizrahi music.

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Dalia Friedland

Dalia Friedland (February 13, 1953 Tel Aviv-) a.k.a. דליה פרידלנד is an Israeli actor and singer.

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