Israeli music stars born in 1975

Here are 9 famous musicians from Israel were born in 1975:

Noa Tishby

Noa Tishby (May 22, 1975 Ramat Aviv-) also known as Noa Tohar Tishby is an Israeli model, singer, actor, film producer and television producer.

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Avner Dorman

Avner Dorman (April 14, 1975 Tel Aviv-) is an Israeli composer.

His albums include .

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Yasmin Levy

Yasmin Levy (December 23, 1975 Jerusalem-) is an Israeli singer and singer-songwriter. She has one child, Michael Amir.

Her discography includes: La Juderia, Mano suave, Romance & Yasmin, Sentir, Libertad, Live at the Tower of David, Jerusalem and Tango. Her related genres: Sephardic music and World music.

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Udi Davidi

Udi Davidi (April 25, 1975 Tel Aviv-) is an Israeli singer, composer, musician and lyricist.

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Kobi Peretz

Kobi Peretz (October 28, 1975 Tel Aviv-) a.k.a. פרץ, קובי is an Israeli , .

His albums: and . Genres he performed: Dance-pop and Mizrahi music.

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Mira Awad

Mira Awad (June 11, 1975 Rameh-) a.k.a. Awad, Mira Anwar or Mīrā ’Anwar ‘Awaḍ is an Israeli singer, songwriter and actor.

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Muki (March 2, 1975 Yavne-) also known as Daniel Niv, Mooke, Danny Niv, Mook E, Daniel Neyburger or Mooki is an Israeli musician, singer-songwriter, singer, rapper and actor.

His discography includes: Muki & Useless ID, and . Genres: Alternative rock, Reggae, Punk rock, Hip hop music and Gangsta rap.

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Amir Benayoun

Amir Benayoun (August 30, 1975 Beersheba-) also known as Benayun, Amir is an Israeli singer-songwriter.

His albums include Tree On the Water, Zini, To Know Everything, Thoughts, The Same Place, the Same Spirit, Hour of Light, The Shelter, Champion in Black, Fall and Everything up until Here.

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Tomer Yosef

Tomer Yosef (September 8, 1975 Kfar Saba-) a.k.a. Yosef, Tomer is an Israeli actor, singer-songwriter, record producer and comedian.

His most well known albums: , Laughing Underground, and .

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