Israeli music stars died at age 32

Here are 3 famous musicians from Israel died at 32:

Yossef Romano

Yossef Romano (April 15, 1940 Benghazi-September 5, 1972 Munich) was an Israeli personality.

Yossef Romano was not just any Israeli personality. He was a weightlifter and one of the 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team who were taken hostage by Palestinian terrorists during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany. Romano bravely resisted the captors and was the first to be killed in the tragic event that claimed the lives of all 11 Israeli athletes. He is considered a hero in Israel and is often remembered for his courage and sacrifice.

At the time of his death, Yossef Romano was 32 years old and had already achieved a lot as a weightlifter. He participated in the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City and was ranked eighth in the middleweight category. He also won the gold medal in the Maccabiah Games, an international Jewish multi-sport event, in 1965 and 1969.

After his death, his family established the Yossef Romano Fund to support athletes and promote the sport of weightlifting. In addition, a street in Tel Aviv and a memorial plaque in the Olympic Village in Munich were named in his honor.

Although Yossef Romano's life was cut short, his bravery and dedication to his sport continue to inspire people around the world. The 1972 Munich Olympics tragedy was a dark moment in history, but his memory will always be a shining beacon of hope and resilience.

He died in firearm.

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Moshe Weinberg

Moshe Weinberg (September 19, 1939 Israel-September 5, 1972 Munich) was an Israeli wrestler and coach. He had one child, Guri Weinberg.

Weinberg was a celebrated athlete and accomplished wrestler, representing Israel in the 1964 and 1968 Olympic Games. Following his retirement from competition, Weinberg transitioned into coaching and was chosen to lead the Israeli team at the 1972 Munich Olympics. However, tragically, Weinberg was one of 11 Israeli team members taken hostage by the Palestinian terrorist group Black September. On September 5, 1972, Weinberg was killed during a botched rescue attempt by German police. He was posthumously awarded the Israel Prize for Athletics in 1973. Despite his untimely death, Weinberg's legacy in Israeli sports and wrestling continues to inspire and motivate future generations.

Weinberg was born in Israel, in the city of Rishon LeZion. He began wrestling at a young age, and quickly showed promise in the sport. After serving in the Israeli military and competing in the Olympic Games, Weinberg began coaching, working with Israel's national wrestling team. As a coach, he was known for his dedication and discipline, and his ability to inspire his athletes to reach their full potential.

Weinberg's death at the hands of terrorists was a profound tragedy for the Israeli sports community, and for the country as a whole. His memory and legacy have been honored in multiple ways, including the naming of the main wrestling hall in Israel in his honor. His son, Guri, has also gone on to a successful career as an actor and director, and has spoken publicly about the impact his father's death has had on his life. Moshe Weinberg remains a beloved figure in Israeli sports, and his sacrifice continues to inspire generations of athletes and coaches.

He died as a result of murder.

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Zohar Argov

Zohar Argov (July 16, 1955 Rishon LeZion-November 6, 1987) a.k.a. Zohar Orkabi or ארגוב, זוהר was an Israeli singer. His child is Gili Argov.

His albums include Elinor, There Where Times, As of Today and My Life Passes By. Genres related to him: Mizrahi music.

He died as a result of suicide.

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