Italian movie actors died in the year 1977

Here are 4 famous actors from Italy died in 1977:

Angelo Muscat

Angelo Muscat (September 24, 1930 Malta-October 10, 1977 London) was an Italian actor.

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Mario Soffici

Mario Soffici (May 14, 1900 Florence-May 10, 1977 Buenos Aires) also known as Soffici was an Italian screenwriter, film director and actor.

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Carlo Battisti

Carlo Battisti (October 10, 1882 Trento-March 6, 1977 Florence) was an Italian linguist and actor.

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Mario Siletti

Mario Siletti (February 5, 1897 Turin-March 17, 1977 Los Angeles) also known as Mario Giovanni Siletti was an Italian actor. He had one child, Mario Siletti Jr..

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