Italian movie actresses died when they were 78

Here are 4 famous actresses from Italy died at 78:

Virna Lisi

Virna Lisi (November 8, 1936 Ancona-December 17, 2014) also known as Virna Lisa Pieralisi, Virna Pieralisi or Lisi was an Italian actor. Her child is Corrado Pesci.

Lisi began her career in Italian cinema in the late 1950s, working with directors such as Dino Risi and Federico Fellini. She gained international fame for her role in the 1965 film "How to Murder Your Wife" opposite Jack Lemmon. Lisi also appeared in Hollywood productions, including "Not with My Wife, You Don't!" and "Assault on a Queen." In her later years, she continued to act in Italian films and TV series. In 1994, Lisi was awarded the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival for her role in the film "La Reine Margot." She passed away in Rome in 2014 at the age of 78.

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Marina Berti

Marina Berti (September 29, 1924 London-October 29, 2002 Rome) a.k.a. Elena Maureen Bertolini, Maurin Melrose, Maureen Melrose or Maurin Melrose - Marina Berti was an Italian actor. Her children are called Carlo Giordana, Andrea Giordana, Marina Giordana, Luca Giordana and Cristina Giordana.

She died caused by cancer.

Marina Berti began her acting career in the late 1940s, and went on to star in over 80 films throughout her career. She worked with some of the most notable directors in Italian cinema, including Federico Fellini and Vittorio De Sica. Berti also worked in Hollywood during the 1950s and 1960s, appearing in films such as "The Barefoot Contessa" and "Ben-Hur."

Aside from her successful acting career, Berti was also a notable philanthropist. She established a charity organization that focused on helping underprivileged children in Italy, and was an advocate for several other charitable causes. In recognition of her work, she was awarded the title of "Cavaliere di Gran Croce," the highest honor in the Italian Republic.

Berti was married twice, first to Italian film director Mario Soldati, and later to American television producer Robert David Bassoff. She had five children from her first marriage, all of whom followed in her footsteps and went on to work in the entertainment industry. After a lengthy battle with cancer, Marina Berti passed away in 2002 at the age of 78.

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Olga Solbelli

Olga Solbelli (May 11, 1898 Verghereto-September 8, 1976 Bologna) also known as Anna Olga Solbelli, Sand Beauty or Olga Sunbeauty was an Italian actor and voice actor.

She began her career in theater in the 1920s before transitioning to film in the 1930s. Solbelli appeared in over 80 films throughout her career, including several Federico Fellini movies such as La Strada and The Nights of Cabiria. She was also a prolific voice actor, lending her voice to numerous Italian dubbed versions of foreign films. Solbelli was known for her stunning beauty, often playing femme fatale or seductress roles in films. Despite her success in Italian cinema, she retired from acting in the 1960s and lived a quiet life until her death in 1976.

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Elena Fabrizi

Elena Fabrizi (June 17, 1915 Rome-August 9, 1993 Rome) also known as Elisa Fabrizi, Lella Fabrizi or Sora Lella was an Italian actor, chef, restaurateur and tv personality. She had one child, Aldo Trabalza.

She died caused by diabetes mellitus.

Elena Fabrizi was born in Rome, Italy to a family of artists. Her father was a composer and her mother was an opera singer. Despite her family's background, Elena chose to pursue a career in acting. She made her debut in the film industry in 1934 in the film "Teresa Confalonieri." Over the next few decades, Elena appeared in over 60 Italian films, and became a well-known face in the Italian entertainment industry.

In addition to her acting career, Elena also had a passion for cooking. She opened her first restaurant, "Alfredo e Ada," in Rome in 1953, which quickly became a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Her cooking skills even earned her a spot on Italian television, where she hosted her own cooking show.

Despite her successful career in both acting and cooking, Elena faced several challenges in her personal life, including the early death of her husband and her own struggle with diabetes.

Elena continued to work in the entertainment and culinary industries until her death in 1993 in Rome at the age of 78. She left behind a legacy as a talented and charismatic actress, chef and tv personality.

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