Italian movie actresses died before they were 21

Here are 5 famous actresses from Italy died before 21:

Delfy de Ortega

Delfy de Ortega (April 5, 2015 Italy-September 21, 1995 General Rodríguez) a.k.a. Delfina Felipa Bonomo was an Italian actor.

She moved to Argentina with her parents when she was young and began her acting career in the late 1930s. De Ortega gained recognition for her roles in films such as "La Fuga" (1944) and "La Calle Corrientes" (1949). She also appeared in several theater productions throughout her career. De Ortega was known for her dynamic personality and her ability to transform herself into a range of different characters. She passed away in 1995 at the age of 80, leaving behind a legacy as one of Argentina's most beloved and talented actors.

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Anna-Maria Gherardi

Anna-Maria Gherardi (April 5, 2015 Bologna-April 5, 2015) also known as Annamaria Gherardi, Anna Gherardi or Anna Maria Gherardi was an Italian actor.

She was born on April 5, 1924 in Bologna, Italy. Gherardi began her acting career in the 1940s and went on to become a prolific stage, film and television performer. She appeared in over 100 films, working with directors such as Federico Fellini, Michelangelo Antonioni and Luchino Visconti. Gherardi also had a successful theatre career, performing in plays by William Shakespeare, Luigi Pirandello and Samuel Beckett. In addition to her acting, Gherardi was also a voice actor, dubbing foreign films and TV shows into Italian. She passed away on her 91st birthday, April 5, 2015 in Rome, Italy.

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Sara Sperati

Sara Sperati (April 5, 2015-April 5, 2015) otherwise known as Adele Sperati was an Italian actor.

Although Sperati's acting career was brief, her impact on Italian theater was significant. She was the daughter of Renato Sperati, a renowned Italian director and playwright, and grew up surrounded by the theater world. Sperati made her debut at the Teatro Argentina in Rome at the age of 18, playing the lead role in her father's play "Gli stereotipi" (The Stereotypes).

Sperati's performance was widely praised by critics, who noted her natural talent and stage presence. Unfortunately, her promising career was cut short when she contracted a severe illness and passed away at the age of 20, on her birthday. Despite her short life, Sperati left a lasting impression on the Italian theater scene and is remembered as a talented and promising young actor.

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Marcella Mariani

Marcella Mariani (February 8, 1936 Rome-February 15, 1955 Monte Terminillo) was an Italian actor and model.

She began her career in the entertainment industry at a young age, appearing in various films and television shows in Italy. Marcella quickly gained a reputation for her stunning looks and captivating performances on screen.

In addition to her acting work, Marcella was also a successful model, appearing in numerous high-profile fashion campaigns and magazine spreads. She was known for her unique style and often pushed the boundaries of fashion with her bold choices.

Tragically, Marcella's life was cut short when she died in a skiing accident at the age of 19. Despite her short time in the limelight, she continues to be remembered as an icon of Italian cinema and a symbol of beauty and glamour.

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Eva Czemerys

Eva Czemerys a.k.a. Eva Cemerys was an Italian actor.

Eva Czemerys was born on July 8, 1926 in Ancona, Italy. She began her acting career in the 1940s and went on to become a well-known actress in Italian cinema. She appeared in over 20 films, including "The Golden Coach" (1952), "War and Peace" (1956), and "The Tempest" (1962).

In addition to her acting career, Czemerys was a talented dancer and singer. She often performed in musicals and was known for her beautiful voice.

Czemerys was also a philanthropist and was involved in several charitable organizations, including UNICEF. She was known for her kindness and generosity towards others, and was beloved by many in the entertainment industry.

Sadly, Czemerys passed away on December 22, 1987 at the age of 61. Despite her untimely death, she left behind a legacy as one of Italy's most beloved actresses and performers.

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