Italian movie actresses died before they were 40

Here are 6 famous actresses from Italy died before 40:

Moana Pozzi

Moana Pozzi (April 27, 1961 Genoa-September 15, 1994 Lyon) a.k.a. Anna Moana Rosa Pozzi, Linda Heveret, Moana, Anna Maria Pozzi, Anna Moana Pozzi, Moanna Pozzi, Margaux Jobert or Moanna was an Italian pornographic film actor, screenwriter and actor. She had one child, Simone Pozzi.

She died caused by liver tumour.

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Pier Angeli

Pier Angeli (June 19, 1932 Cagliari-September 10, 1971 Beverly Hills) also known as Anna Maria Pierangeli, Annamaria Pierangeli, Anna M. Pierangeli or Angeli was an Italian actor. Her children are called Perry Farinola and Howard Andrew Trovaioli.

She died caused by drug overdose.

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Laura Gore

Laura Gore (September 30, 1918 Bussoleno-March 27, 1957 Rome) a.k.a. Laura Emilia Regli was an Italian actor.

She died in myocardial infarction.

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Béatrice Macola

Béatrice Macola (December 2, 1965 Verona-December 13, 2001 Rome) also known as Beatrice Macola was an Italian actor.

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Gabriella Giacobbe

Gabriella Giacobbe (April 5, 2015 L'Aquila-January 8, 1979 Rome) was an Italian actor.

She died in cancer.

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Luisa Ferida

Luisa Ferida (March 18, 1914 Castel San Pietro Terme-April 30, 1945 Milan) also known as Luigia Manfrini Frané was an Italian actor. She had one child, Kim Valenti.

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