Italian movie actresses died in the year 1975

Here are 1 famous actresses from Italy died in 1975:

Vivi Gioi

Vivi Gioi (January 2, 1914 Livorno-July 12, 1975 Fregenae) also known as Vivien Trumpy or Vivien Diesca was an Italian actor and singer.

She began her career as a singer in 1931 and performed in various venues, including the famous theater La Scala in Milan. Her acting debut came in 1949, where she starred in the film "Guardie e ladri" alongside Italian cinema legend Vittorio De Sica. She went on to appear in over 15 films and television shows, including "Il Bidone" (1955) and "La grande guerra" (1959).

Gioi was also known for her activism and involvement in politics. She was a member of the Italian Communist Party and actively campaigned for workers' rights and women's rights. In 1975, she passed away from a heart attack at the age of 61. Her legacy as a talented performer and passionate activist lives on to this day.

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