Italian movie actresses died in the year 1988

Here are 6 famous actresses from Italy died in 1988:

Fulvia Franco

Fulvia Franco (May 21, 1931 Trieste-May 15, 1988 Rome) otherwise known as Lola Larsen was an Italian actor and model. Her child is called Alesandro Mitri.

Fulvia Franco began her career in the entertainment industry as a model, working for prestigious Italian fashion houses such as Valentino and Pucci. She quickly gained recognition for her beauty and grace, and was soon discovered by filmmakers looking for fresh faces for their productions.

Franco made her acting debut in the 1953 film "Toto e gli uomini in frac", and went on to appear in numerous other Italian films throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Some of her most notable performances include her roles in "Il rossetto" (1960), "Il giorno più corto" (1963), and "La notte brava" (1959).

In addition to her work as an actor and model, Franco was also a talented singer and dancer, and often incorporated these skills into her performances. She was known for her vivacious personality and her trademark blonde hair, which made her one of the most recognizable faces in Italian cinema during the 1960s.

Tragically, Fulvia Franco's life was cut short in May of 1988, when she passed away at the age of 56 from complications related to cancer. Despite her early passing, her legacy as one of Italy's most beloved actresses and fashion icons lives on.

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Jole Fierro

Jole Fierro (November 22, 1926 Salerno-March 27, 1988 Rome) also known as Iole Fierro was an Italian actor. She had one child, Annalisa Foà.

Joel Fierro began her acting career in the early 1950s and appeared in over 70 films throughout her career. She was known for her versatile acting skills and her ability to portray various characters on screen. Some of her iconic films include "Nights of Cabiria" (1957), "Leoni al sole" (1961), and "La Pattuglia dei Sapori" (1979).

Apart from films, Jole Fierro also appeared on television shows and theatre productions. She was a regular on the popular Italian TV series "Il commissario Maigret" in the 1960s.

Jole Fierro was awarded the Silver Ribbon for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the film "Leoni al sole" in 1962. She passed away in Rome at the age of 61 due to a heart attack.

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Rossana Martini

Rossana Martini (January 1, 1926 Empoli-February 2, 1988 Trieste) a.k.a. Rossana Krisman or Rosanna Martini was an Italian actor and model.

She began her career in the entertainment industry as a model and then transitioned to acting. Martini starred in several Italian films, including "La Dolce Vita" and "Il Sorpasso," where she played minor roles. However, she gained widespread recognition for her performance in the 1965 film "Io la conoscevo bene" (I Knew Her Well), directed by Antonio Pietrangeli.

Martini also appeared on Italian television, most notably in the popular TV series "Le avventure di Laura Storm" (The Adventures of Laura Storm). She was regarded as one of the most beautiful actresses of her time and was often featured in fashion and lifestyle magazines.

In addition to her acting career, Martini was a talented painter and sculptor. She exhibited her artwork in several exhibitions throughout Italy during the 1950s and 1960s.

Martini died in Trieste in 1988 at the age of 62. Despite only having a brief acting career, she left a lasting impact on Italian cinema with her beauty and talent.

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Lia Zoppelli

Lia Zoppelli (November 16, 1920 Milan-January 2, 1988 Milan) a.k.a. Lia Marini was an Italian actor.

She began her career in the late 1940s and quickly became known for her talent and versatility as an actress. Over the course of her career, she appeared in nearly 50 films, including "Roman Holiday" (1953), "It Happened in Rome" (1957), and "The Tempest" (1958).

Zoppelli was also a prolific stage actress, performing in a number of plays in Milan and throughout Italy. She was particularly celebrated for her performances in the plays of Luigi Pirandello, one of Italy's greatest playwrights.

In addition to her work in film and theater, Zoppelli was also a respected television actress, appearing in several popular series throughout the 1960s and 1970s.

Zoppelli passed away in Milan in 1988 at the age of 67. She is remembered as one of Italy's most talented and accomplished actresses.

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Marisa Vernati

Marisa Vernati (June 21, 1920 Rome-February 1, 1988 Rome) was an Italian actor and singer.

She began her career as a singer in the 1940s, performing in nightclubs and on the radio before transitioning to acting in the 1950s. Vernati appeared in numerous Italian films throughout the 1950s and 1960s, often playing supporting roles. Some of her more notable appearances were in "The Nights of Cabiria" (1957), "La Dolce Vita" (1960), and "8½" (1963), all directed by Federico Fellini.

In addition to her film work, Vernati also had a successful career in the theater, performing in productions both in Italy and abroad. She was known for her dynamic stage presence and powerful singing voice.

Vernati continued to work in film and theater throughout the 1970s, but her health began to decline in the 1980s. She passed away in Rome in 1988 at the age of 67. Despite her relatively short career, Vernati is remembered as an important figure in Italian cinema and theater.

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Marta Abba

Marta Abba (June 25, 1900 Milan-June 24, 1988 Milan) was an Italian actor.

Abba began her career as a theater actress in Milan in the 1920s, and gained widespread recognition for her performances in productions of the plays of Luigi Pirandello. In the 1930s, she transitioned to film acting, and appeared in several Italian films such as "The Countess of Parma" (1936) and "La Cena delle Beffe" (1942).

Abba was also known for her romantic relationship with the playwright and novelist Luigi Pirandello, whom she met while performing in one of his plays. Their relationship lasted until Pirandello's death in 1936, and Abba remained a prominent figure in the literary and cultural circles of Italy throughout her life.

Despite her success on stage and screen, Abba's acting career was interrupted during World War II due to her opposition to fascism. After the war, she returned to the stage, and continued to act until the 1960s.

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