Italian movie actresses died in the year 2010

Here are 10 famous actresses from Italy died in 2010:

Suso Cecchi d'Amico

Suso Cecchi d'Amico (July 21, 1914 Rome-July 31, 2010 Rome) also known as Suso Cecchi-D'Amico, Suso, S. D'Amico, Suso D'Amico or Giovanna Cecchi was an Italian screenwriter and actor. She had three children, Caterina D'Amico, Masolino D'Amico and Silvia D'Amico Bendicò.

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Rina Franchetti

Rina Franchetti (December 23, 1907 Naples-August 18, 2010 Formello) a.k.a. Ester Girgenti was an Italian actor and voice actor. Her child is called Sara Franchetti.

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Elli Parvo

Elli Parvo (October 17, 1914 Milan-February 19, 2010 Rome) also known as Elli Pardo, Elvira Gobbo or Elly Parvo was an Italian actor.

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Sandra Mondaini

Sandra Mondaini (September 1, 1931 Milan-September 21, 2010 Milan) also known as Mondaini, Sandra or Alessandrina Mondaini was an Italian actor and presenter. Her children are called Raymond Vianello and John Mark Vianello.

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Carla Del Poggio

Carla Del Poggio (December 2, 1925 Naples-October 14, 2010 Rome) otherwise known as Maria Luigia Attanasio was an Italian actor.

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Caterina Boratto

Caterina Boratto (March 15, 1915 Turin-September 14, 2010 Rome) also known as Caterino Boratto was an Italian actor. She had two children, Marina Ceratto and Paolo Ceratto.

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Buff Cobb

Buff Cobb (October 19, 1927 Florence-July 12, 2010 Lebanon) also known as Patrizia Cobb Chapman or Buff was an Italian author, actor and presenter.

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Lauretta Masiero

Lauretta Masiero (October 25, 1927 Venice-March 23, 2010 Rome) was an Italian actor and singer. Her child is called Gianluca Guidi.

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Rosemary Dexter

Rosemary Dexter (July 19, 1944 Quetta-September 8, 2010 Recanati) otherwise known as Rosemarie Dexter was an Italian actor.

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Vanna Brosio

Vanna Brosio (April 18, 1943 Turin-June 19, 2010 Turin) a.k.a. Giovanna Brosio was an Italian actor, singer, journalist and television presenter.

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