Italian musicians born in the year 1967

Here are 21 famous musicians from Italy were born in 1967:

Kid Capri

Kid Capri (February 7, 1967 The Bronx-) also known as David Anthony Love, DJ Kid Capri or David Anthony Love, Jr is an Italian disc jockey, musician, rapper and actor.

His albums: The Tape and Soundtrack to the Streets. Genres: Hip hop music.

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Glen Benton

Glen Benton (June 18, 1967 Niagara Falls-) a.k.a. Benton, Glen is an Italian singer, musician, bassist and songwriter.

Genres: Death metal and Technical death metal.

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Michael Giacchino

Michael Giacchino (October 10, 1967 Riverside-) also known as Michael Biacchino or Michele Giacchino is an Italian film score composer, composer, musician, orchestrator and actor.

His albums include Medal of Honor, Medal of Honor: Underground, Medal of Honor: Frontline, Alias, Alias: Season 2, Lost, Lost: Season 2, Mission: Impossible III, Call of Duty and Secret Weapons Over Normandy. Genres related to him: Film score.

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Ralph Santolla

Ralph Santolla (December 8, 1967 United States of America-) also known as Santolla, Ralph is an Italian guitarist, musician and songwriter.

His discography includes: Shaolin Monks in the Temple of Metal. Genres he performed: Heavy metal, Death metal, Thrash metal, Hard rock, Instrumental rock and Technical death metal.

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Gigi D'Agostino

Gigi D'Agostino (December 17, 1967 Turin-) also known as D'Agostino, Gigi, Gigi D' Agostino, Gigi D'Agostini, Gigi D´agostino, Giggi Dagostino, Gigi D'Agostino), Gigi D'Agostiono, Gigi DAgostino, GiGi D'Agnostino, Gigi D Agostino, D'Agostino Planet, GG D'Ag, Luigi Di Agostino, Love Transistor, Il Folklorista, Dottor Dag, Lento Violento Man, Dotter Dag, La Tana Del Suono or Noise Maker is an Italian disc jockey, record producer and remixer.

Related albums: Lento violento e altre storie, Your Love (Elisir), Wellfare, Tecno Fes, Tanzen EP, Silence, Per sempre (The Hits), La Passion, Gigi D'Agostino and Gigi D'Agostino Live At Altromondo Rimini-Italy 2003. His related genres: Trance music, Electronic music, Dance music, Eurodance, Italo disco, House music, Italo dance and Lento Violento.

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The Gazness

The Gazness (July 6, 1967 Rome-) also known as Manx Gazzè, Max Gazze, The Gazness, Gazness, The, Max Gazzé or Max Gazze' is an Italian singer, songwriter, pianist, musician and actor. His children are Bianca Gazzè, Samuele Gazzè and Emily Gazzè.

His albums: Contro un'onda del mare, La favola di Adamo ed Eva, Max Gazzè, Ognuno fa quello che gli pare?, Un giorno, Raduni 1995-2005, Tra l'aratro e la radio, Quindi?, and Sotto Casa. Genres related to him: Alternative rock, Rock music and Pop music.

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Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni (December 23, 1967 Turin-) also known as Carla Bruni Tedeschi, Carla Bruni Tedeschi Sarkozy, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, First lady Carla Bruni or Carla Gilberta Bruni Tedeschi is an Italian singer, model, actor, songwriter, supermodel and singer-songwriter. She has two children, Aurélien Enthoven and Giulia Sarkozy.

Her albums include No Promises, Quelqu'un m'a dit, Comme si de rien n'était, Those Dancing Days Are Gone, Chez Keith et Anita, Little French Songs, J'arrive à toi, Quelqu'un m'a dit and . Genres related to her: Folk music and Pop rock.

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Dani Donadi

Dani Donadi (November 25, 1967 Treviso-) is an Italian film score composer and record producer.

Genres related to him: Film score.

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Alexia (May 19, 1967 La Spezia-) also known as A. Aquilani or Alessia Aquilani is an Italian singer.

Her albums: Ti amo, Goodbye, Gimme Love, Collection, Alexia, Uh La La La, Fan Club, The Music I Like (disc 1), Fan Club and Il Cuore A Modo Mio. Her related genres: Eurodance, Pop music, Italo dance and Blues.

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Roberto Cani

Roberto Cani (October 17, 1967 Milan-) also known as Cani, Roberto is an Italian , .

Roberto Cani is an Italian violinist known for his captivating and dynamic performances. He started playing the violin at the age of six and went on to study with some of the most renowned violinists in the world, including Salvatore Accardo and Yehudi Menuhin. Cani has performed extensively throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States, playing with some of the most prestigious orchestras in the world, including the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. He has also recorded numerous albums and received critical acclaim for his interpretations of both classical and contemporary music. In addition to his performing career, Cani is also a dedicated teacher, giving masterclasses and workshops around the world.

Cani has been recognized as one of the most versatile and talented violinists of his generation. He is known for his ability to draw out the emotions of the music and convey them to his audience. With his technical skills and musical sensitivity, he is able to bring a fresh perspective to the classical repertoire, as well as to new works by contemporary composers.

In addition to his work as a soloist, Cani has also been a member of numerous chamber groups, collaborating with leading musicians from around the world. He is known for his work with the Debussy Trio, which has won critical acclaim for its innovative and adventurous programming.

Cani has received many awards and honors for his artistic achievements, including the prestigious Paganini Prize in 1994. He has also served on the faculty of several institutions, including the University of Southern California's Thornton School of Music, where he is currently a professor.

Despite his success, Cani remains committed to exploring new avenues and taking risks in his music. He continues to push himself as a performer and educator, seeking to inspire others to find joy and fulfillment in music.

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Cristina Donà

Cristina Donà (September 23, 1967 Rho, Lombardy-) a.k.a. Cristina Dona or Donà, Cristina is an Italian singer and singer-songwriter.

Her albums: Tregua, Nido, Goccia, Dove sei tu, Cristina Donà, La quinta stagione, Nel mio giardino, Invisible Girl, Triathlon (UK Version) and Piccola faccia. Genres: Rock music, Pop music and Folk music.

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Tiziana Tosca Donati

Tiziana Tosca Donati (August 29, 1967 Rome-) a.k.a. Tosca is an Italian singer and actor.

Her discography includes: Incontri e passaggi.

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Patrizia Ciofi

Patrizia Ciofi (June 7, 1967 Casole d'Elsa-) also known as Ciofi, Patrizia is an Italian singer.

Her discography includes: Le Nozze di Figaro.

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Barbara Frittoli

Barbara Frittoli (April 19, 1967 Milan-) a.k.a. Frittoli, Barbara is an Italian singer and actor.

Her albums: BBC Music, Volume 17, Number 8: Il tabarro and La Bohème (Israel Philharmonic Orchestra feat. conductor: Zubin Mehta, tenor: Andrea Bocelli, soprano: Barbara Frittoli).

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Max Pezzali

Max Pezzali (November 14, 1967 Pavia-) also known as Max Pezzali - 883 or Massimo Pezzali is an Italian singer, singer-songwriter, songwriter and television presenter.

His discography includes: Terraferma, TuttoMax, Il mondo insieme a te, Time Out, Max Live! 2008, L'universo tranne noi, Max 20 and Hanno ucciso l'Uomo Ragno. Genres he performed include Pop music and Pop rock.

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Gerardina Trovato

Gerardina Trovato (May 27, 1967 Catania-) also known as Trovato, Gerardina, Geraldina Trovato or Trovato, Geraldina is an Italian singer-songwriter.

Her albums include Gechi, vampiri e altre storie: Greatest hits, Gerardina Trovato, Ho trovato Gerardina, Il sole dentro, Non è un film, I sogni and Vivere. Genres she performed: Pop rock.

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Gigi D'Alessio

Gigi D'Alessio (February 24, 1967 Naples-) also known as Gigi D' Alessio, D'Alessio, Gigi, Luigi D'Alessio or Luigi di Alessio is an Italian singer-songwriter.

His albums: E' stato un piacere, Buona vita, Il cammino dell'età, La storia: Parte prima, Portami con te, Quando la mia vita cambierà, Scivolando verso l'alto, Uno come te, Made in Italy and Quanti amori. Genres related to him: Pop music.

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Fabio De Luigi

Fabio De Luigi (October 11, 1967 Santarcangelo di Romagna-) also known as Olmo or Medioman is an Italian actor, screenwriter, comedian, baseball player and impersonator. His children are Dino De Luigi and Lola De Luigi.

Fabio De Luigi started his artistic career as a comedian in 1992, performing in the theater and on television. He quickly became popular for his talent as an impersonator, imitating famous Italian personalities and creating hilarious parodies. In the following years, he collaborated with many Italian comedians and actors, appearing in some successful TV series and movies.

Aside from acting, Fabio De Luigi is also a baseball enthusiast and a player for the Italian national team. He played in several international tournaments and even participated in the World Baseball Classic. Additionally, he is a screenwriter and has written scripts for some of his movies and TV shows.

In recent years, Fabio De Luigi has continued to be a successful performer in Italy, receiving critical acclaim for his comedic performances both on TV and on stage. He is considered one of the most talented and versatile comedians in the country.

In addition to his successful career in entertainment, Fabio De Luigi is also known for his charitable work. He is the founder of the Fabio De Luigi Foundation, which supports various local and global initiatives to improve the lives of children and families. He is also a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations, using his platform to raise awareness on issues such as poverty and education.In 2017, he was appointed Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic for his contributions to the arts and his charitable work. Fabio De Luigi continues to be a beloved figure in Italy, admired not only for his talent but also for his generosity and dedication to making a difference in the world.

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DJ Dado

DJ Dado (January 6, 1967 Milan-) a.k.a. F. Dado, Dj. Dado, D.J. Dado, Flavio Daddato or Dado, DJ is an Italian , .

His most well known albums: Give Me Love, X-Files, Greatest Hits & Future Bits, The Album, Metropolis (The Legend of Babel), Greatest Themes' 99, Dance Remixes '99, The Same, Face It and The Films Collection. Genres: Dream house.

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Benny Benassi

Benny Benassi (July 13, 1967 Milan-) a.k.a. M. Benassi, Benny Bennasi, Benni Benassi, Benny Banassi, Marco Benassi Geneser, Marco Benassi, Benassi, Benny or Benny Bee is an Italian disc jockey, record producer and remixer.

Discography: Best of Benny Benassi, Cooking for Pump-Kin: Special Menu, Who's Your Daddy?, Satisfaction, I Am Not Drunk, Rock 'n' Rave, Subliminal Sessions 6, Cooking for Pump-Kin: Phase One, Re-sfaction and Re-sfaction 2. Genres he performed include House music, Techno, Electro, Dubstep, Eurodance, Trance music, Progressive house, Electronic dance music, Electro house and Minimal techno.

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Gabriele Mirabassi

Gabriele Mirabassi (September 16, 1967 Perugia-) also known as Mirabassi, Gabriele is an Italian musician.

His albums: Lakatia Blend, 1-0 (Uno a zero), , Graffiando Vento, Velho retrato, Racconti mediterranei, Lo stortino, Bomb Alert and New Old Age.

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