Italian musicians born in the year 1970

Here are 10 famous musicians from Italy were born in 1970:

Alex Staropoli

Alex Staropoli (January 9, 1970 Trieste-) also known as Staropoli, Alex is an Italian keyboard player.

Genres related to him: Symphonic metal, Power metal, Neoclassical metal and Progressive metal.

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Davidé Rossi

Davidé Rossi (August 7, 1970 Turin-) also known as Davide Rossi or Davide de Rossi is an Italian violinist, music arranger, composer, conductor, record producer, guitarist, film score composer and musician.

Genres: Alternative rock, Classical music and Pop music.

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Giovanni Mirabassi

Giovanni Mirabassi (May 4, 1970 Perugia-) also known as Mirabassi, Giovanni is an Italian jazz pianist.

His albums include Prima o poi, Architectures, Avanti!, Out of Track, and In Other Words.

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Technoboy (December 19, 1970 Bologna-) otherwise known as DJ Gius, Aceto, Cristiano Giusberti or Gius, DJ is an Italian , .

His albums include Bullets, , Hard Dance Awards 2013, Into Deep and . Genres: Hardstyle and Hard dance.

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Samuele Bersani

Samuele Bersani (October 1, 1970 Rimini-) a.k.a. S. Bersani is an Italian singer-songwriter.

His most recognized albums: C'hanno preso tutto, Freak, Samuele Bersani, L'oroscopo speciale, Chiedimi se sono felice, Che vita! Il meglio di Samuele Bersani, Caramella smog, L'Aldiquà, and . Genres he performed include Pop music.

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Graziella Concas

Graziella Concas (January 7, 1970-) is an Italian pianist.

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Jean Ven Robert Hal

Jean Ven Robert Hal (May 11, 1970 Milan-) is an Italian musician, composer, record producer, artist and music artist.

His related genres: Krautrock, Electronic music, Instrumental, Classical music, Synthpop, Space music, New-age music and Ambient music.

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Alex Gaudino

Alex Gaudino (January 23, 1970 Salerno-) otherwise known as Gaudino, Alex or Gaudino is an Italian record producer and disc jockey.

His albums include Destination Unknown, Watch Out, My Destination, Destination Calabria, Watch Out, My Destination (The Remixes), What a Feeling, I Love Rock n' Roll, Playing With My Heart and Is This Love. Genres related to him: Italo disco, House music, Italo dance and Electro house.

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Ivan Iusco

Ivan Iusco (September 4, 1970 Bari-) a.k.a. It or Ivan Ivsco is an Italian film score composer, composer and film director.

His albums include Era Vulgaris (Ncoded-Drop 6.3) and Era Vulgaris. Genres: Pop music, Classical music and Film score.

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Mario Mariani

Mario Mariani (October 6, 1970 Pesaro-) is an Italian film score composer, composer, musician and pianist.

Discography: Eva E Adamo, Le Ferie Di Licu + Tu Devi Essere Il Lupo and Elementalea.

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