Italian music stars died in Lung cancer

Here are 4 famous musicians from Italy died in Lung cancer:

Silvana Mangano

Silvana Mangano (April 21, 1930 Rome-December 16, 1989 Madrid) was an Italian actor and model. She had four children, Raffaella De Laurentiis, Veronica De Laurentiis, Francesca DeLaurentiis and Federico De Laurentiis.

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Mike Francis

Mike Francis (April 26, 1961 Florence-January 30, 2009 Rome) a.k.a. Michele Francesco Puccioni or Francesco Puccioni was an Italian singer, composer and musician.

His albums include Let Me In, Anthology, Greatest Hits, Flashes of Life, All Rooms With a View, Classics, Inspired, The Very Best - Live and The Very Best Of. Genres: Blue-eyed soul, New Wave, New Romanticism, Italo disco, Chill-out music, Smooth jazz and Pop rock.

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Nini Rosso

Nini Rosso (September 19, 1926 San Michele Mondovì-October 5, 1994 Rome) otherwise known as Raffaele Celeste Rosso, Raffaele Celeste "Nini" Rosso or Celeste Raffaele Rosso was an Italian actor and musician.

His albums include Il Silenzio, Il silenzio and Twin Best Nini Rosso Deluxe.

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Giorgio Faletti

Giorgio Faletti (November 25, 1950 Asti-July 4, 2014 Turin) was an Italian actor, singer-songwriter and writer.

His discography includes: Come un cartone animato, Disperato ma non serio and .

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