Jamaican actors died at age 75

Here are 1 famous actors from Jamaica died at 75:

Charles Hyatt

Charles Hyatt (February 14, 1931 Kingston-January 1, 2007 Palm Bay) was a Jamaican actor, writer, author, screenwriter, comedian and broadcaster. His child is called Michael Hyatt.

He died caused by lung cancer.

Charles Hyatt was an accomplished Jamaican artist known for his contribution to the country's television, film, and radio industry. He began his career in acting in the 1950s and soon became a popular figure in Jamaican theater. He also hosted a popular radio program called "Youth Speaks" in the 1960s, inspiring many young Jamaicans to find their voice.

Hyatt was a talented writer and authored several books, including "Jamaica Ananse Stories" and "Jamaican Riddles and Trick Questions." He also wrote and produced plays, many of which were performed in Jamaica and internationally.

Aside from his work in theater, radio, and literature, Hyatt was also a well-known comedian and screenwriter. He appeared in several Jamaican films, including "The Harder They Come" and "Smile Orange." He was also a regular on the TV programs "Ring Ding" and "Ol' Foggie."

Despite his poor health in the later years of his life, Hyatt continued to work and inspire others. His legacy lives on through his many contributions to Jamaican culture and the arts.

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