Japanese movie stars died at 41

Here are 1 famous actors from Japan died at 41:

Kisaburo Kurihara

Kisaburo Kurihara (January 24, 1885 Hadano-September 8, 1926 Tokyo) also known as Kisburo Kurihara, Thomas Kurahara, Tom Kurahara, Thomas Kurhara, Thomas Kurichari, Thomas Kurihara, Thos. Kurihara, Kurihari or Thomas Kurikara was a Japanese actor, film director, screenwriter and writer.

Kurihara started his career as a stage actor and eventually went on to perform in silent films in the 1910s. He is best known for his roles in the films "Souls on the Road" (1921), "The Neighbor's Wife and Mine" (1931), and "The Joyu" (1935). Kurihara was also an accomplished film director and directed films such as "The Drama of a Woman's Life" (1920), "The End of Love" (1927), and "The Two Soldiers" (1928). In addition to his work in the film industry, Kurihara was also a prolific writer and penned a number of novels, including "The Daydreams of a Drunkard" (1914) and "The Beauty of Life" (1915). Unfortunately, Kurihara's life was cut short by illness and he passed away at the age of 41. Despite his relatively short career, he made a significant impact on Japanese cinema and is remembered as one of the pioneers of the industry.

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