Japanese movie stars died in 1985

Here are 2 famous actresses from Japan died in 1985:

Masako Natsume

Masako Natsume (December 17, 1957 Tokyo-September 11, 1985 Tokyo) also known as Masako Odate, Masako Nishiyama or Natsume Masako was a Japanese actor.

Masako Natsume made her debut in the entertainment industry as a model while still in high school. After graduating, she pursued an acting career that quickly took off. She won the Best New Actress award at the Japan Academy Awards in 1979 for her role in the film "The Gate of Youth." She continued to act in various movies, TV dramas, and on stage throughout the 1980s, gaining a large following and becoming a well-known celebrity in Japan.

Despite her success, Masako Natsume faced health issues, including a diagnosis of acute myelogenous leukemia in 1985. She continued to work while receiving treatment, but on September 11, 1985, at the young age of 27, she passed away from complications related to her illness. Her untimely death shocked and saddened her fans and the entertainment industry as a whole. Today, she is remembered as a talented and beloved actress in Japan.

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Yōko Yaguchi

Yōko Yaguchi (August 27, 1921 Shanghai-February 1, 1985) also known as Yaguchi Yōko, Kiyo Katō, Wakazono Terumi, Kimiyo Kurosawa, Katô Kiyo, Kurosawa Kimiyo, 加藤 喜代, かとう きよ, Terumi Wakazono, 若園 照美, わかぞの てるみ, Kiyo Katô, Kurosawa Kiyo, Kiyo Kurosawa or Kayo Katto was a Japanese actor. She had two children, Hisao Kurosawa and Kazuko Kurosawa.

Yōko Yaguchi made her film debut in 1939 and appeared in over 100 films during her career. She was known for her roles in films such as "The Munekata Sisters" (1950), "Tokyo Twilight" (1957), and "Nanatsu no kaigi" (1957). In addition to her film work, Yaguchi also appeared in several television dramas. She won the Kinema Junpo Award for Best Actress in 1952 for her performance in "Tsuruhachi and Tsurujiro."

Yaguchi was married to the director Akira Kurosawa from 1945 until their divorce in 1951. Despite the divorce, they remained friends and filmed several movies together, including "The Quiet Duel" (1949) and "Drunken Angel" (1948). Yaguchi continued to act until her death in 1985 at the age of 63 due to cancer.

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