Japanese movie stars died in 2013

Here are 1 famous actresses from Japan died in 2013:

Chieko Honda

Chieko Honda (March 28, 1963 Tokyo-February 18, 2013 Japan) a.k.a. Honda Chieko was a Japanese voice actor and actor.

She began her career in voice acting in 1982 and quickly rose to fame as the voice of iconic anime characters such as Urd from "Oh My Goddess!" and Rui Kisugi from "Cat's Eye." She was also known for her voice work in video games, such as the character Maria from "Silent Hill 2." In addition to voice acting, Honda also acted in live-action TV dramas and films throughout her career. Despite battling cancer, she continued to work in the voice acting industry until her passing in 2013 at the age of 49. Her legacy lives on through her contributions to Japanese pop culture and the impact she made on future generations of voice actors.

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