Japanese musicians died because of Liver cancer

Here are 5 famous musicians from Japan died in Liver cancer:

Yujiro Ishihara

Yujiro Ishihara (December 28, 1934 Kobe-July 17, 1987 Minato) also known as 石原裕次郎, Ishihara, Yūjirō, Japanese Elvis Presley, Yûjirô Ishihara, Ishihara Yujiro, Ishihara Yūjirō, タフガイ, ボス, ユージロー, 裕ちゃん or Yujiro Ishihara was a Japanese actor, film producer, singer and television producer.

His albums: 全曲集, ブランデーグラス, 大全集~石原裕次郎の世界~, 全曲集, Best Coupling Series ブランデーグラス/恋の町札幌, , , and .

Ishihara began his film career in the 1950s and quickly gained popularity for his tough-guy roles in films such as "Crazed Fruit" and "The Rusty Knife." His performance in "Season of the Sun" launched him into international stardom and he became known as the "Japanese Elvis Presley." In addition to his acting career, he also produced films and television shows. As a singer, Ishihara released numerous albums throughout his career, with many of his songs becoming chart-toppers in Japan. He was also known for his activism and outspokenness on political issues, and even ran for political office in the early 1970s. Ishihara passed away in 1987 at the age of 52 from liver cancer.

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Hayashiya Sanpei I

Hayashiya Sanpei I (November 30, 1925 Taitō-September 20, 1980) also known as Eizaburō Ebina, Ebina Eizaburō, Yasuichirō Ebina or Ebina Yasuichirō was a Japanese comedian. He had four children, Hayashiya Shōzō IX, Midori Ebina, Yasuha and Hayashiya Sanpei II.

His albums: .

Hayashiya Sanpei I was a well-known rakugo performer, a form of Japanese verbal entertainment that consists of comic storytelling. He began his career in 1942 as an apprentice to the famous rakugo performer Hayashiya Shōzō VIII, from whom he inherited the stage name of Sanpei. Throughout his career, he performed in various theaters and on television, becoming known for his dynamic and humorous performances.

In addition to his work in entertainment, Hayashiya Sanpei I was also a survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945. He later became an anti-nuclear activist, using his fame to raise awareness about the dangers of nuclear weapons.

Hayashiya Sanpei I passed away in 1980 at the age of 54 due to liver cancer. His legacy as a rakugo performer and anti-nuclear activist continues to inspire many.

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Kentarō Haneda

Kentarō Haneda (January 12, 1949 Kita, Tokyo-June 2, 2007 Shinjuku) a.k.a. Kentarou Haneda, Kentaro Haneda, Haneken or Haneda, Kentarou was a Japanese film score composer, pianist and music arranger.

His albums: Wizardry: Llylgamyn Saga, Genso Suikoden Ongakushu, MACROSS THE COMPLETE, 名探偵ホームズ, マクロス・ジェネレーション Legend of Eternal Songs, , , Space Adventure Cobra Original Soundtrack and The S.D.F. Macross.

Kentarō Haneda began his musical career as a self-taught pianist and during his high school years, he played in a band called The Black Beats. He gained recognition for his musical talents and received a scholarship to attend the Yamaha Music Foundation in Tokyo. He then went on to work as an arranger and composer for various TV dramas, anime shows, and films. Haneda became widely known for his work on the anime series Macross and also composed music for the popular Detective Conan series. He won several awards throughout his career, including the Japan Academy Prize for Best Music for the 1985 film Tugumi. Haneda is remembered as one of Japan's most prominent composers of film and anime music.

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Masahiro Kawasaki

Masahiro Kawasaki (September 15, 1949 Kitakyushu-May 4, 2006 Inage-ku, Chiba) a.k.a. Kawasaki Masahiro, 川崎 雅文, Kawasaki Masafumi, 川崎 真弘, Masafumi Kawasaki, かわさき まさひろ or かわさき まさふみ was a Japanese musician and composer.

His most important albums: Gokinjo Monogatari Gokinjo CD Tsushin Part I - Original Soundtrack Vol.1 and .

..Gokinjo Monogatari Gokinjo CD Tsushin Part II - Original Soundtrack Vol.2. He was a member of the Japanese progressive rock band Happy End and later formed the band The Moon Riders. Apart from his musical career, he was also known for his work as a soundtrack composer for various Japanese TV dramas and films, including the popular anime series Naruto. Kawasaki was known for his unique style, blending elements of traditional Japanese music with rock and roll, and was highly regarded in the music industry for his innovative approach to music composition. He passed away in 2006 at the age of 56 due to complications from liver cancer.

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Chiyoko Shimakura

Chiyoko Shimakura (March 30, 1938 Shinagawa-November 8, 2013 Tokyo) was a Japanese singer and lyricist.

Discography: 全曲集/花なら花らしく, 星空に両手を, , , , , , , and . Genres: Enka.

Chiyoko Shimakura was born in the Shinagawa ward of Tokyo in 1938. She began her career as a singer in the 1950s and quickly gained popularity for her distinct voice and emotional performances. In addition to her singing career, Shimakura was also a prolific lyricist, writing many of her own songs as well as lyrics for other artists.

Over the course of her career, Shimakura released numerous albums and singles, including the compilation album 全曲集/花なら花らしく and the single 星空に両手を. She was particularly known for her contributions to the genre of Enka, a popular style of Japanese music characterized by its emotional and nostalgic themes.

Shimakura continued to perform and record music throughout her career, even after being diagnosed with cancer in the late 2000s. She passed away in Tokyo in 2013 at the age of 75, leaving behind a legacy as one of Japan's most beloved singers and lyricists.

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