Jordanian musicians died when they were 77

Here are 1 famous musicians from Jordan died at 77:

Ahmad Toukan

Ahmad Toukan (August 15, 1903 Nablus-April 5, 1981 Amman) was a Jordanian politician.

He played a significant role in Jordanian politics during the 1950s and 1960s, holding several ministerial positions in the Jordanian government. Toukan was a member of Jordan's National Assembly from 1947 to 1951 and served as the Minister of Finance in two separate governments in 1951 and 1955. He then became the Minister of Economy and Commerce in 1956 and was appointed as the Minister of Agriculture in 1958.

Toukan was one of the founders of the Jordanian National Movement, a political party which was founded in 1953. He also served as the party's Vice President.

In addition to his political career, Toukan was also a notable businessman. He founded a number of industrial and agricultural companies in Jordan, and was one of the country's largest employers.

Toukan passed away on April 5, 1981, in Amman, Jordan.

During his tenure as Minister of Agriculture, Toukan was instrumental in establishing the Jordan Valley Authority, a government agency tasked with managing and developing the agricultural resources of the Jordan Valley. He also oversaw the implementation of land reform measures aimed at redistributing land to small farmers.

Toukan's contributions to Jordanian society were widely recognized. He was awarded the Order of Independence, Jordan's highest civilian honor, in 1965. His legacy continues to be felt in Jordanian politics and economics to this day, with many of the policies and institutions he helped establish still in existence.

In addition to his political and business careers, Ahmad Toukan was also a writer and poet. He wrote poetry in both Arabic and English, and his works were published in a number of newspapers and magazines in Jordan and beyond. Toukan was also a founding member of the Arabic version of the PEN Club, an international association of writers. Throughout his life, he was a staunch advocate of Arab unity and worked tirelessly to bring about closer ties between Arab countries. Toukan's contributions to Jordanian society and politics have earned him a place in the country's history as one of its most influential and respected figures. His legacy is remembered with pride not only by his family and friends, but by all Jordanians who value his many contributions to their country's development and growth.

After completing his studies at the American University of Beirut, Ahmad Toukan returned to Palestine to work as a teacher before joining the government of Transjordan in 1937 as an advisor on Arab affairs. He later served as the director of the Arab Information Center in Jerusalem and as the deputy inspector general of the Transjordan Frontier Force.

In 1948, Toukan became a member of the Jordanian delegation to the United Nations, where he played a key role in advocating for the rights of Palestinian refugees. This experience shaped his political views and fueled his commitment to working towards a just resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Toukan's dedication to public service and his contribution to the development of Jordan's economy and agriculture sector earned him widespread recognition and respect. He was not only regarded as an eminent statesman and businessman, but also as a cultural figure and poet. In 1969, he was awarded the coveted Golden Key Award by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee for his outstanding leadership in the Arab world.

Despite his numerous accomplishments, Ahmad Toukan remained humble and dedicated to serving his country and advancing the well-being of its citizens until his passing in 1981.

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