Lithuanian actors born in 1980

Here are 6 famous actors from Lithuania were born in 1980:

Vytautas Rumsas

Vytautas Rumsas (September 12, 1980-) also known as Vytautas Rumšas (jaunesnysis), Vytautas Rumšas or Vytautas Rumšas (junior) is a Lithuanian actor.

Antanas Surgailis

Antanas Surgailis (March 28, 1980-) is a Lithuanian actor.

Ramunas Cicenas

Ramunas Cicenas (February 25, 1980 Vilnius-) also known as Ramas is a Lithuanian actor and film director. He has two children, Kristupas Cicenas and Gabrielius Cicenas.

Egidijus Bakas

Egidijus Bakas (October 1, 1980 Viduklė-) also known as Egidjius Bakas is a Lithuanian actor.

Mantas Jankavicius

Mantas Jankavicius (May 20, 1980 Vilnius-) also known as Mantas or Mantas Jankavičius is a Lithuanian actor and singer. He has two children, Benas Jankavicius and Herkus Jankavicius.

Gytis Ivanauskas

Gytis Ivanauskas (June 1, 1980 Ukmergė-) is a Lithuanian actor, dancer and choreographer.

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