Polish movie actors born in the year 1986

Here are 11 famous actors from Poland were born in 1986:

Mateusz Kościukiewicz

Mateusz Kościukiewicz (May 1, 1986 Nowy Tomyśl-) also known as Mateusz Kosciukiewicz is a Polish actor and screenwriter. He has one child, Alina Kościukiewicz.

Izu Ugonoh

Izu Ugonoh (November 2, 1986 Szczecin-) also known as Izuagbe Ugonoh is a Polish actor and professional boxer.

Kam Dabrowski

Kam Dabrowski (May 22, 1986 Białystok-) is a Polish actor.

Martin Dudzik

Martin Dudzik (May 22, 1986 Lubartów-) a.k.a. Marcin Dudzik, Martin Z. Dudzik or Marcin Zygmunt Dudzik is a Polish actor, film editor, film director and cinematographer.

Piotr Trojan

Piotr Trojan (June 6, 1986 Tarnowskie Góry-) is a Polish actor.

Tomasz Schuchardt

Tomasz Schuchardt (September 18, 1986 Starogard Gdański-) also known as Tomek Schuchardt is a Polish actor.

Dawid Ogrodnik

Dawid Ogrodnik (June 15, 1986 Wągrowiec-) also known as David Gardener is a Polish actor.

Matt Dworzanczyk

Matt Dworzanczyk (November 10, 1986 Poland-) also known as Chrystian Cohen is a Polish actor.

Piotr Zelt

Piotr Zelt (December 10, 1986 Łódź-) also known as P. Zelt is a Polish actor and voice actor. He has one child, Nadia Zelt.

Kriss Sheridan

Kriss Sheridan (April 15, 1986-) is a Polish television presenter, model, actor and singer-songwriter.

Piotr Deszkiewicz

Piotr Deszkiewicz (September 15, 1986 Warsaw-) is a Polish actor.

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