Malaysian actresses born in 1984

Here are 5 famous actresses from Malaysia were born in 1984:

Fasha Sandha

Fasha Sandha (March 28, 1984 Johor Bahru-) also known as Nur Fasha Sandha binti Hassan or Nur Fasha Sandha Hassan is a Malaysian actor.

Hetty Sarlene

Hetty Sarlene (April 21, 1984 Singapore-) is a Malaysian singer and actor.

Steph Song

Steph Song (April 19, 1984 Kuching-) also known as Li Ching Song, Stephanie Song or Xiu-xuan Song is a Malaysian actor.

Julia Ziegler

Julia Ziegler (May 21, 1984 Kuala Lumpur-) also known as Julia ziegler or Julia binti Bob Fauzi Ziegler is a Malaysian actor and model.

Zarina Zainoordin

Zarina Zainoordin (October 15, 1984 Johor Bahru-) is a Malaysian actor, singer and model.

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