Mexican actors who deceased in 1959

Here are 1 famous actors from Mexico died in 1959:

Elias Gamboa

Elias Gamboa (July 20, 1895 Mexico-December 9, 1959 Los Angeles County) was a Mexican actor.

He began his career in the silent film era, appearing in films such as "El Aguila y la Serpiente" (The Eagle and the Snake) and "Allá en el Rancho Grande" (Out on the Big Ranch). He also acted on stage and in radio dramas, becoming one of the most popular performers in Mexico in the 1930s and 1940s. Gamboa was known for his versatility and his ability to play a wide range of characters, from comedic to dramatic. He continued to act in films and on television until his death in 1959. Today, he is remembered as an important figure in Mexican cinema and is celebrated for his contributions to the industry.

Gamboa's career was not limited to acting, as he also worked as a director and screenwriter. He directed several films in the 1940s, including "El Lobo Solitario" (The Lone Wolf) and "Margarita se llama mi amor" (My Love's Name is Margarita). He also wrote screenplays for a number of films, such as "Santos y pecadores" (Saints and Sinners) and "Filomeno Mata su madre" (Filomeno Kills His Mother).

In addition to his successful career in entertainment, Gamboa was also involved in politics. He was an active member of the Mexican Communist Party and served as a senator in the Mexican Congress during the 1940s. Despite his political activities, Gamboa continued to appear on screen and stage throughout his life, earning the admiration of fans and colleagues alike.

Gamboa's legacy in Mexican cinema and entertainment remains strong to this day. He played a significant role in defining the style and content of Mexican films during his career, and his influence can be seen in the work of many contemporary filmmakers. In recognition of his contributions to Mexican cinema, Gamboa was awarded the Ariel Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mexican Academy of Film in 1948. The award is considered one of the highest honors in Mexican cinema, and it is a fitting tribute to Gamboa's lasting impact on the industry. Today, his films continue to be enjoyed by audiences around the world, and his name is synonymous with the golden age of Mexican cinema.

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