Mexican actors who deceased in 2000

Here are 2 famous actors from Mexico died in 2000:

Tom Fears

Tom Fears (December 3, 1922 Guadalajara-January 4, 2000 Palm Desert) a.k.a. Thomas Jesse Fears or Tom Sildari Fears was a Mexican american football player, coach and actor.

He played as a wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1970. Fears went on to coach for several teams including the New Orleans Saints and the Houston Oilers. Later in life, he pursued an acting career, appearing in films such as "The Longest Yard" and on television shows such as "Little House on the Prairie". Fears is remembered as one of the greatest receivers of his time and his legacy continues to impact the sport of football today.

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Cuco Sánchez

Cuco Sánchez (May 3, 1921 Altamira-October 6, 2000 Mexico City) a.k.a. José del Refugio Sánchez Saldaña, Cuco Sánchez or Cuco Sanchez was a Mexican singer, actor and songwriter.

He is considered one of the most prominent composers and performers of Mexican regional music, particularly ranchera and bolero. Sanchez's most famous song is "Cien Años," which has been recorded by numerous artists and is considered a classic of Mexican music. He also wrote and recorded many other popular songs, including "Fallaste Corazón" and "Anillo de Compromiso." In addition to his music career, he appeared in several Mexican films and television shows. Sanchez was recognized with numerous awards throughout his career, including the National Prize for Arts and Sciences in Popular Art and Traditions in 1991.

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