Mexican actresses who were born in 1961

Here are 6 famous actresses from Mexico were born in 1961:

Elpidia Carrillo

Elpidia Carrillo (August 16, 1961 Parácuaro-) also known as Elpedia Carrillo is a Mexican actor.

Elpidia Carrillo is known for her work in both Mexican and American films. She gained international recognition for her role as Maria in the Golden Globe-winning movie “The Last Emperor” directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. She has also appeared in notable films such as “Predator,” “Salvador,” and “Nine Lives.” Carrillo has worked with renowned directors such as Oliver Stone, Ridley Scott, and Robert Rodriguez. In addition to acting, she is also a trained dancer and has choreographed for various productions.

Elpidia Carrillo was born in Parácuaro, Michoacán, Mexico, and moved to the United States with her family as a child. She discovered her passion for acting while performing in community theater productions. Carrillo received her breakthrough role in the movie "The Night Stalker" in 1987, where she played a rape victim who seeks revenge. She then went on to star in several Hollywood blockbusters, including "Alien Nation" and "My Family/Mi Familia."

Carrillo has also made appearances on television shows such as "ER," "NYPD Blue," and "Miami Vice." Her talent and versatility as an actor have earned her critical acclaim and numerous awards, including an Independent Spirit Award for her role in the movie "Salvador."

In addition to her acting career, Carrillo has also worked as a producer and director. She directed the award-winning documentary "Tierra Madre" and produced the movie "Bordertown" starring Jennifer Lopez.

Carrillo continues to work in the entertainment industry, collaborating with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. She remains a well-respected figure in the Latinx community and an inspiration to aspiring actors and filmmakers.

Carrillo's dedication to her craft extends beyond just acting, as she has also been involved in social activism. She has been an advocate for immigrant rights and has used her platform to speak out about the struggles faced by Latinx communities. In 2018, she collaborated with Amnesty International on a short film titled "The Invisibles" which shed light on the mistreatment of immigrants and refugees.

Aside from her film and television work, Carrillo is also an accomplished theater actor. She has performed in various plays, including "The Motherfucker with the Hat" and "The House of Bernarda Alba," both of which earned her critical acclaim.

Carrillo's career has spanned over three decades, and she has remained a consistent force in the industry. Her talent and trailblazing work for Latinx representation in Hollywood have earned her a place as a respected icon in both the Latinx community and the entertainment industry as a whole.

Maria Hinojosa

Maria Hinojosa (July 2, 1961 Mexico City-) is a Mexican writer, tv journalist, journalist and actor.

She is best known as the host and executive producer of Latino USA, an award-winning radio program that offers insight into the Hispanic experience in the United States. Hinojosa has also hosted several television shows, including the Emmy Award-winning talk show Maria Hinojosa: One-on-One, and has served as a correspondent for CBS, CNN, and PBS. In addition to her work in journalism, Hinojosa is also a sought-after speaker and has written several books, including Raising Raul: Adventures Raising Myself and My Son and Once I Was You: A Memoir of Love and Hate in a Torn America. Her advocacy for Latino representation and social justice has earned her numerous awards, including the Puffin/Nation Prize for Creative Citizenship and the John Chancellor Award for Excellence in Journalism.

Hinojosa was born in Mexico City, but she moved to Chicago with her family when she was a young girl. She grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood and frequently felt like an outsider due to her Mexican heritage. Her experiences with discrimination ignited a passion for social justice and advocacy that has defined her career as a journalist. After earning a degree in Latin American Studies from Barnard College, Hinojosa went on to work for CNN as a correspondent in Latin America. She went on to host a number of other shows for the network, including CNN's TalkBack Live and the award-winning documentary series, America's New War: Responding to Terrorism. Hinojosa's work has made her one of the most respected and influential journalists in the Hispanic community, and she continues to inspire others through her writing, speaking engagements, and advocacy work.

Hinojosa is highly regarded for her contributions to the field of journalism, particularly for her dedication to representing the voices and experiences of underrepresented communities. She has won numerous awards for her work, including four Emmys, the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, and the Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Journalism. In addition to her work as a journalist and author, Hinojosa is also a prominent advocate for social justice and human rights. She has served on the board of numerous organizations, including the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and the Committee to Protect Journalists. In 2010, she founded the Futuro Media Group, a nonprofit media organization that focuses on enhancing diversity and accuracy in journalism. Through her work, Hinojosa continues to push for greater representation and understanding of the diverse experiences and perspectives that shape the United States.

Ana Urquidi

Ana Urquidi (February 5, 1961 Cuernavaca-) also known as Ana Celia Urquidi or Ana Celia Ortiz Urquidi is a Mexican film producer, television producer, casting director and actor.

She is best known for her work as a casting director on popular Mexican TV shows such as "La Rosa de Guadalupe" and "Como Dice el Dicho". Urquidi has also produced several successful films such as "La Segunda Noche" and "Te Acuerdas de Alicia?". She has received numerous awards for her work in the entertainment industry, including the Ariel Award for Best Documentary in 2002 for "El Último Adiós". In addition to her work behind the camera, Urquidi has also had several acting roles in film and television. She is considered one of the most influential people in the Mexican entertainment industry, and continues to produce and cast for major productions.

Urquidi began her career in the entertainment industry working as a model and a beauty queen in the state of Morelos. She then transitioned into acting, appearing in a few small roles in Mexican films and TV shows. Her background in front of the camera gave her an advantage in her career as a casting director, allowing her to have a better understanding of what directors look for in actors. Her success in casting led her to start her own production company, where she produces films and TV shows that promote social awareness and educate viewers on important issues.

Urquidi is also known for her philanthropic work, supporting various organizations and causes such as child education, women's rights, and the fight against breast cancer. She has been recognized for her humanitarian efforts with awards such as the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Award and the Women Making History Award.

Urquidi continues to have a significant impact on the Mexican entertainment industry and is recognized as a trailblazer for women in the field. She is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in the industry and continues to produce and cast for productions that reflect this belief.

Throughout her career, Ana Urquidi has collaborated with top-tier directors, actors, and producers in Mexico and beyond. Her casting expertise has led to her being a sought-after consultant for casting companies across Latin America. Her film producing work has been recognized by international film festivals, including the Los Angeles International Film Festival and the Latin American Film Festival. In recent years, she has also ventured into producing television series, including the critically acclaimed "Monarca" on Netflix. Urquidi is a role model for women in the entertainment industry, and she uses her success and influence to mentor and support emerging filmmakers and actors.

Dyana Ortelli

Dyana Ortelli (May 1, 1961 Nuevo Laredo-) a.k.a. Dyana Elizondo, La Ortelli or Dyana Ortelli-Elizondo is a Mexican actor. Her child is called Humberto Ortiz.

Dyana Ortelli grew up in Los Angeles, California and began acting at a young age. She is bilingual in Spanish and English, which has allowed her to work on both sides of the border. She has appeared in numerous films, television shows, and stage productions throughout her career. Some of her most notable roles include Anita in "Zoot Suit" and Magdalena in "Real Women Have Curves". In addition to acting, Ortelli is also a writer and producer, and has worked on various projects in these roles. She is known for her advocacy work in the Latino community, and has been a strong voice for representation and diversity in the entertainment industry.

Ortelli's passion for activism and social justice has led her to serve as co-chair for several organizations, including the National Hispanic Media Coalition and the Latino Writers Committee of the Writers Guild of America, West. She has also been recognized for her contributions to the community, receiving the 2008 Nosotros Golden Eagle Award for Outstanding Artistic Achievement and the 2011 National Hispanic Media Coalition Impact Award. In addition to her work in entertainment and activism, Ortelli is also a trained nutritional counselor and chef. She has used her knowledge of nutrition to promote healthy eating habits in the Latino community through workshops and speaking engagements. Ortelli continues to work in the entertainment industry and remains a vocal advocate for Latino representation and diversity in Hollywood.

Dyana Ortelli was born in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico but grew up in Los Angeles, California. She began acting at a young age and attended the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where she studied theater. Ortelli has acted in a variety of films, television shows, and stage productions throughout her career. Some of her notable film credits include "Casa de los Babys", "A Day Without a Mexican", and "The Book of Life". She has also appeared on television shows such as "Desperate Housewives", "ER", "Six Feet Under", and "The Bold and the Beautiful".

Ortelli's work as a writer and producer includes the short film "My Backyard Was a Mountain", which she wrote, directed, and produced. The film received numerous awards at film festivals around the world. Ortelli has also co-written two plays, "Los Big Names" and "Latinas Anonymous", which have been performed in various theaters.

In addition to her entertainment career, Ortelli is a prominent voice in the Latino community, particularly in advocating for representation and diversity in Hollywood. She has also been involved with various organizations such as Mujeres de la Tierra, which focuses on environmental issues within Latino communities. Ortelli's commitment to social justice has led her to be recognized with several awards for her contributions to the community, including the National Hispanic Media Coalition Impact Award and the Latino Spirit Award.

Furthermore, Ortelli is also a trained nutritional counselor and has appeared on various television shows discussing healthy eating habits. She has also worked with organizations to promote healthy eating within the Latino community.

Ortelli is a multi-talented individual who has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry and the Latino community. She continues to work in various capacities, including acting, writing, producing, and activism.

Rocío Brambila

Rocío Brambila (January 3, 1961 Mexico City-) a.k.a. Rocío Brambila 'Costurita' is a Mexican actor.

Born in Mexico City in 1961, Rocío Brambila, also known as Rocío Brambila 'Costurita,' is a multi-talented Mexican artist who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Besides being an actor, she is also a celebrated singer, songwriter, and director. She began her career at a young age, and her first acting role was in the acclaimed film "La Gran Fiesta" in 1974. Since then, she has acted in numerous films and TV series, including "El derecho de nacer," "Colorina," and "Acapulco, cuerpo y alma." Brambila is also a successful singer and has released several albums throughout her career. In addition, she has directed and produced several stage and television productions. With her immense talent and passion for the arts, Rocío Brambila continues to inspire and entertain audiences, both in Mexico and around the world.

In addition to her successful career in entertainment, Rocío Brambila is also known for her philanthropic work. She is a strong advocate for social causes, particularly those that support children and education. In 2003, she founded the Rocío Brambila Foundation, which provides educational and artistic programs for underprivileged children. She has also been involved in several other charitable organizations, including the Mexican Red Cross and the National Association for Parents of Autistic Children. Brambila's commitment to giving back has earned her numerous awards and recognition, including the National Philanthropy Award in 2012. Despite her many achievements, she remains humble and dedicated to her craft, always seeking new ways to inspire and uplift others through her art.

Rocío Brambila has also made a mark as a voice-over artist and dubbing director, lending her voice to several characters in popular films and TV shows. She has worked on the Spanish versions of movies like "Shrek," "The Lion King," and "Finding Nemo." Brambila is a versatile artist, and her ability to switch seamlessly between different mediums has won her critical acclaim and a large fan following.

Apart from her creative pursuits, Brambila is also a dedicated environmentalist and animal rights activist. She is an advocate for sustainable living and has been involved in several initiatives aimed at preserving the environment. Brambila is an animal lover and has been associated with various organizations that work towards the welfare of animals.

Despite being a public figure, Brambila is extremely private and guarded about her personal life. She has always kept a low profile and rarely talks about her family or relationships. However, her talent, passion, and commitment to noble causes have made her an inspiration to many, and her legacy as a multi-faceted artist and philanthropist will continue to inspire generations.

Giselle Fernández

Giselle Fernández (May 15, 1961 Mexico City-) a.k.a. Giselle Fernandez is a Mexican journalist, actor and newscaster.

She is best known for her work on television news programs such as "Access Hollywood," "Today," and "CBS Morning News." Fernandez has won numerous awards for her journalism, including Emmys and Golden Mikes. In addition to her broadcast career, she has appeared in several films and television shows, such as "Batman Returns" and "The Closer." Fernandez is also an advocate for Latino and women's rights, and has been involved in several charitable organizations throughout her career.

She was born in Mexico City and spent her early childhood in both Mexico and the United States before her family eventually settled in California. Fernandez earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Political Science from Sacramento State University and began her career as an intern at KCRA-TV in Sacramento. She eventually moved up the ranks to become a news anchor at several television stations across the United States.

Fernandez has covered a variety of major events throughout her career, including the O.J. Simpson trial, the September 11 attacks, and multiple presidential elections. She has also conducted high-profile interviews with celebrities and politicians such as former President Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela.

In addition to her broadcasting and acting work, Fernandez has been actively involved in philanthropy. She has served on the boards of various organizations, including the National Council of La Raza and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Fernandez has also been recognized for her contributions to the Hispanic community, and received the Hispanic Heritage Foundation Leadership Award in 2000.

Throughout her illustrious career, Giselle Fernandez has blazed a trail for Latina women in journalism and beyond. She made history in 1983 when she became the first Latina ever to anchor a national news program, when she was hired by CBS. Fernandez has continued to break down barriers throughout her career, and has been a strong advocate for diversity and representation within the media industry. In addition to her work on camera, Fernandez is also an accomplished writer and producer, and has created several documentaries on a variety of topics, including immigration, poverty, and education. She has also been honored with many awards, such as the Outstanding Journalist Award from the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, the Woman of the Year Award from the City of Los Angeles, and the George Foster Peabody Award. In recent years, Fernandez has continued to be a vocal presence in the media, offering her insights and analysis on some of the most pressing issues facing the country today. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

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