Mexican actresses who deceased in 1971

Here are 1 famous actresses from Mexico died in 1971:

Fanny Schiller

Fanny Schiller (August 3, 1901 Mexico City-September 26, 1971 Mexico City) also known as Fanny Schiller Hernández, Fany Shiler, Fany Schiller, Fany Shiller, Fanny Shiller, Fanny Shyler or Schiller Fanny Hernandez was a Mexican actor. She had one child, Manuel Fábregas.

Fanny Schiller began her acting career in the 1920s and quickly became a popular star in Mexican cinema during the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. She appeared in over 100 films, including Nosotros los pobres (1948), which is often cited as the most successful film in Mexican cinema history. Schiller was known for her versatility and played a wide range of roles throughout her career. In addition to acting, she was also a singer and performed in several popular music revues. Schiller's legacy in Mexican cinema continues to be celebrated and studied today.

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