Mexican music stars who deceased at age 26

Here are 4 famous musicians from Mexico died at 26:

Carlos Fuentes Lemus

Carlos Fuentes Lemus (April 5, 1973-April 5, 1999 Puerto Vallarta) was a Mexican writer, photographer, painter and film director.

He was the son of renowned Mexican author Carlos Fuentes and his wife Silvia Lemus. Carlos Fuentes Lemus died tragically at the young age of 26 in an accident while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta on his birthday. He was a promising artist who worked in various mediums and had completed several of his own short films before his untimely death. In addition to his artistic pursuits, he was also an activist and worked on various social justice causes in Mexico. His work continues to inspire and influence artists and activists alike.

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Lucia Zarate

Lucia Zarate (January 2, 1864 Mexico-January 15, 1890 Sierra Nevada) was a Mexican personality.

Despite living a short life, Lucia Zarate gained worldwide recognition for being the smallest woman in recorded medical history. At birth, she weighed only 2.1 pounds and measured 7 inches in length. When she was fully grown, she stood at just over two feet tall and weighed only 4.7 pounds.

Her condition, known as microcephalic osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism type II, was a rare and severe form of dwarfism. Despite her size, Lucia was a performer and toured with various circuses and sideshows throughout North America and Europe.

Although her act often involved being displayed in a "dollhouse" or being carried around in a basket, Lucia was a talented singer and could mimic bird calls. She was also reported to be a skilled horseback rider and dancer.

Despite her success as a performer, Lucia lived a difficult life. She faced exploitation and mistreatment from her managers and was often put on display as a freak. Many people gawked at her small size and treated her as if she were not fully human.

Despite these challenges, Lucia Zarate is remembered today as a remarkable individual who defied the odds and pursued a career in the face of tremendous adversity.

She died caused by hypothermia.

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Adolfo Constanzo

Adolfo Constanzo (November 1, 1962 Miami-May 6, 1989 Mexico City) was a Mexican personality.

Adolfo Constanzo was a notorious cult leader and serial killer, known as "The Godfather of Matamoros". He led a cult that practiced human sacrifice and drug trafficking in Mexico during the 1980s. Constanzo was born in Miami, Florida but was raised in Puerto Rico. He became involved in the occult at a young age and started his criminal activities in the late 1970s.

Constanzo's cult was believed to have been responsible for the killing of at least 23 people, including college students and other victims who were abducted and then sacrificed in horrific rituals. The cult became the subject of international attention when American college student, Mark Kilroy, was abducted and murdered in Matamoros, Mexico in March 1989.

After a months-long manhunt, Constanzo and several of his followers were cornered in Mexico City. Realizing that capture was inevitable, Constanzo ordered his followers to kill him and another member of the group before taking their own lives. Their bodies were found in an apartment in Mexico City on May 6, 1989.

He died in suicide.

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Lina Marin

Lina Marin also known as Lina Marín, Felipa Cartas Orozco or Lina Martin was a Mexican actor.

She was born on November 22, 1930 in Mexico City, Mexico. Marin began her acting career in the 1950s, appearing in various Mexican films and TV shows. Some of her notable roles include "El ángel exterminador" (1962) and "Nazarín" (1959), both directed by the renowned filmmaker Luis Buñuel. Marin was also known for her work on stage, performing in a number of theatrical productions throughout her career. In addition to acting, she was also a writer and director. Marin passed away on May 20, 2015 in Mexico City, at the age of 84.

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