Mexican music stars who deceased at age 46

Here are 5 famous musicians from Mexico died at 46:

Carlos Arruza

Carlos Arruza (February 17, 1920 Mexico City-May 20, 1966 Toluca) was a Mexican torero.

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Rodolfo Torre Cantú

Rodolfo Torre Cantú (February 14, 1964 Ciudad Victoria-June 28, 2010) was a Mexican politician and physician.

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Moisés Villanueva de la Luz

Moisés Villanueva de la Luz (November 17, 1964-September 17, 2011) was a Mexican personality.

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Lalo Rios

Lalo Rios (February 7, 1927 Sonora-March 7, 1973 Los Angeles) also known as Lola Rios was a Mexican actor and carpentry.

He died as a result of liver disease.

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Miguel Bernal Jiménez

Miguel Bernal Jiménez (February 16, 1910 Morelia-July 26, 1956) also known as Miguel Bernal Jimenez or M. Bernal Jiménez was a Mexican film score composer.

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