New Zealand music stars who deceased at age 34

Here are 7 famous musicians from New Zealand died at 34:

Grant Lingard

Grant Lingard (April 5, 1961-April 5, 1995) was a New Zealand artist and visual artist.

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Frank Lewis Rogers

Frank Lewis Rogers (April 5, 2015-April 25, 1980) was a New Zealand personality.

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Martin Emond

Martin Emond (June 1, 1969 New Zealand-March 5, 2004) was a New Zealand personality.

He died in suicide.

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Lloyd White

Lloyd White (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1981) was a New Zealand personality.

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Richard Travis

Richard Travis (April 6, 1884 Opotiki-July 25, 1918 Rossignol Wood Cemetery) also known as King of No Man's Land or Prince of Scouts was a New Zealand soldier.

He died in bombardment.

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William Edward Sanders

William Edward Sanders (February 7, 1883 Auckland-August 14, 1917 Ireland) was a New Zealand soldier.

He died caused by killed in action.

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Katherine Mansfield

Katherine Mansfield (October 14, 1888 Wellington-January 9, 1923 Fontainebleau) otherwise known as J. Middleton Murry or Katherine Mansfield Beauchamp Murry was a New Zealand writer and author.

She died caused by tuberculosis.

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