Norwegian musicians born in 1970

Here are 16 famous musicians from Norway were born in 1970:

Haldor Lægreid

Haldor Lægreid (March 30, 1970-) also known as Haldor Laegreid, Lægreid, Haldor or Haldor is a Norwegian singer.

He is best known for his contribution to the Norwegian black metal scene, having been a member of several bands including "Immortal" and "Satanic Slaughter". Lægreid's powerful vocals and aggressive stage presence have cemented his status as a prominent figure within the genre. In addition to his musical pursuits, he has also dabbled in acting and has appeared in several Norwegian films and television shows. Despite his success, Lægreid has remained notoriously private, rarely giving interviews or making public appearances outside of his performances.

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Leif Ove Andsnes

Leif Ove Andsnes (April 7, 1970 Karmøy-) also known as Andsnes, Leif Ove is a Norwegian pianist.

His most important albums: Shostakovich: Concerto for Piano, Trumpet and Strings / Britten: Piano Concerto / Enesco: Légende, Mozart: Piano Concertos 17 & 20, The Long, Long Winter Night, Leif Ove Andsnes: A Portrait, Grieg · Schumann Piano Concertos (Berliner Philharmoniker feat. piano: Leif Ove Andsnes, conductor: Mariss Jansons), Horizons, Shadows of Silence, Piano Sonata in B flat D. 960 / 3 Lieder, Piano Sonata 1.X.1905 / In the Mists / On the Overgrown Path, Series 1 and Violin Sonatas. Genres: Classical music.

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Kristopher Schau

Kristopher Schau (August 12, 1970 Oslo-) is a Norwegian singer, comedian, presenter, songwriter, musician and radio personality.

Genres he performed: Death metal, Heavy metal, Punk rock, Alternative rock, Stoner rock, Comedy rock, Death 'n' roll, Hardcore punk and Thrash metal.

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Roy Sætre Khantatat

Roy Sætre Khantatat (March 12, 1970 Elverum-) also known as Roy Khan, Roy Kahn or Khan, Roy is a Norwegian singer and songwriter.

Genres he performed include Symphonic metal, Power metal and Progressive metal.

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Egil Hegerberg

Egil Hegerberg (March 23, 1970-) is a Norwegian singer, musician, songwriter and comedian.

Genres he performed: Heavy metal, Punk rock, Reggae, Hard rock, Alternative rock, Doom metal, Stoner rock, Blues rock, Comedy rock, Acoustic music and Hip hop music.

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Ole Petter Andreassen

Ole Petter Andreassen (September 22, 1970 Flekkefjord-) is a Norwegian singer, musician, songwriter and record producer.

Genres related to him: Rock and roll, Death 'n' roll, Hardcore punk, Doom metal, Soft rock, Black metal, Death metal, Hard rock, Stoner rock, Blues rock and Heavy metal.

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Merethe Trøan

Merethe Trøan (May 19, 1970 Trondheim-) is a Norwegian singer.

Genres related to her: Pop music.

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Heine Totland

Heine Totland (October 16, 1970 Moster-) also known as Totland, Heine is a Norwegian actor, musician and singer.

Discography: Tough Times for Gentlemen. His related genres: Jazz and Traditional pop music.

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Christian Skolmen

Christian Skolmen (October 28, 1970-) also known as Skolmen, Christian is a Norwegian actor.

He was born in Oslo, Norway and grew up in Stabekk. Skolmen began his career as an actor in 1992 when he got his first role in the Norwegian comedy "Mot i brøstet". He has since acted in a number of Norwegian films and television shows, including "Buddy" (2003), "Himmelblå" (2009-2010), "Kielergata" (2018), and "Exit" (2019-2020).

Outside of acting, Skolmen is also known for his work as a writer and comedian. He has written several books, including the humor book "Enkel måte å bli lykkelig på" (2004) and the children's book "Leif og Bull" (2009). Skolmen has also performed as a stand-up comedian, both in Norway and abroad.

Skolmen has been nominated for several awards for his work in acting, including the Amanda Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in "Buddy". He was also awarded the King's Medal of Merit in Gold for his contributions to Norwegian culture in 2020.

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Anja Garbarek

Anja Garbarek (July 24, 1970 Oslo-) also known as Garbarek, Anja is a Norwegian singer and singer-songwriter.

Her albums: Velkommen inn, Smiling & Waving, Briefly Shaking, Balloon Mood and Angel A. Genres she performed include Jazz, Electronica, Experimental music, Electronic dance music and Trip hop.

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Harald Nævdal

Harald Nævdal (July 6, 1970-) a.k.a. Demonaz Doom Occulta or Demonaz is a Norwegian songwriter and musician.

His most well known albums: March of the Norse. His related genres: Black metal.

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Harald Johnsen

Harald Johnsen (March 19, 1970 Oslo-July 24, 2011 Oslo) also known as Johnsen, Harald was a Norwegian musician and bassist.

Genres he performed: Jazz.

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Tord Gustavsen

Tord Gustavsen (October 5, 1970 Oslo-) also known as Gustavsen, Tord is a Norwegian jazz pianist, bandleader, musician, composer and pianist.

Discography: The Ground, Restored, Returned and Being There. Genres: Jazz.

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Karoline Krüger

Karoline Krüger (February 13, 1970 Bergen-) also known as Karoline Kruger is a Norwegian singer.

Genres related to her: Pop music.

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Live Maria Roggen

Live Maria Roggen (March 22, 1970 Oslo-) also known as Live Maria or Roggen, Live Maria is a Norwegian , .

Her albums: Circuit Songs and [tu'ba]. Genres: Jazz.

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Eskil Brøndbo

Eskil Brøndbo (January 26, 1970 Namsos-) is a Norwegian musician.

Eskil Brøndbo is best known as the lead singer of the Norwegian rock band, DDE. He founded the band in the late 1980s along with his brother Bjarke Brøndbo and a few friends. The band's name, D.D.E., stands for "The Dead Ducks Ekspress". Eskil and his band became an instant success with their infectious music and energetic live performances. Over the years, they have released numerous hit songs and albums that have won critical acclaim and made them a mainstay in the Norwegian music scene. In addition to music, Eskil is also known for his philanthropic work, particularly in the area of children's health. He has been involved in various charity events and has worked closely with organizations that support children with cancer and other illnesses.

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