Norwegian musicians died at 19

Here are 3 famous musicians from Norway died at 19:

Trygve Brodahl

Trygve Brodahl (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1996) was a Norwegian personality.

He worked as a journalist, author, and radio host throughout his career. Brodahl is most well-known for his work as a radio host, and is considered a pioneer in Norwegian broadcasting. He was the first Norwegian to introduce commercial breaks on the radio, and his program, "Hver morgen med Trygve Brodahl" (Every Morning with Trygve Brodahl), was one of the most popular radio shows in Norway during the 1960s and 1970s. In addition to his work in broadcasting, Brodahl was also a prolific author, publishing several books on topics such as travel, politics, and culture. His work as a journalist and author made him a respected figure in Norwegian media, and his contributions to Norwegian broadcasting paved the way for many of the programs and features that are now commonplace in Norwegian radio and television.

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Hjalmar Hvam

Hjalmar Hvam (April 5, 2015 Norway-March 30, 1996) was a Norwegian inventor.

Born in Norway in 1915, Hjalmar Hvam was a prolific inventor from a young age. He earned his degree in mechanical engineering and began working on various patents in the automotive industry. During World War II, Hjalmar worked on developing a new type of fuel injector for airplanes, which helped increase the fuel efficiency of the aircraft.

In the post-war years, he turned his attention to other inventions, including devices to help ventilate underground mines and a new type of prosthetic arm for amputees. He continued to innovate throughout his career, filing more than 50 patents in his lifetime. He passed away in 1996 at the age of 80, leaving behind a legacy of innovation and creativity that has inspired generations of inventors to come.

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Kjell Henriksen

Kjell Henriksen (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1996) was a Norwegian physicist and scientist.

He is best known for his pioneering work in nuclear physics, particularly his research on nuclear reactions and the structure of atomic nuclei. Henriksen earned his PhD in physics from the University of Oslo in 1947, and went on to work at institutions such as the Argonne National Laboratory in the United States and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Russia. He was also involved in the development of the Oslo Cyclotron Laboratory, a research facility focused on nuclear physics. Throughout his career, Henriksen received numerous awards and honors for his contributions to the field of physics. He passed away in 1996 at the age of 80, leaving behind a legacy of groundbreaking research in nuclear physics.

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