Norwegian musicians died at 65

Here are 19 famous musicians from Norway died at 65:

Kristian Hovde

Kristian Hovde (December 6, 1903-April 5, 1969) was a Norwegian personality.

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Harald Hennum

Harald Hennum (May 29, 1928-October 14, 1993) was a Norwegian personality.

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Yngvar Bryn

Yngvar Bryn (December 17, 1881 Norway-April 30, 1947) was a Norwegian personality.

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Erling Aastad

Erling Aastad (March 2, 1898-June 30, 1963) was a Norwegian personality.

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Cato Maximilian Guldberg

Cato Maximilian Guldberg (August 11, 1836 Oslo-January 14, 1902 Oslo) was a Norwegian chemist and mathematician.

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Ivar Ballangrud

Ivar Ballangrud (March 7, 1904 Lunner-June 1, 1969 Trondheim) was a Norwegian speed skater.

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Odd Lundberg

Odd Lundberg (October 3, 1917-March 7, 1983) was a Norwegian speed skater.

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Oscar Mathisen

Oscar Mathisen (October 4, 1888 Oslo-April 10, 1954 Norway) was a Norwegian speed skater.

He died in suicide.

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Nordal Wille

Nordal Wille (October 28, 1858 Hobøl-February 4, 1924 Oslo) was a Norwegian personality.

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Fartein Valen

Fartein Valen (August 25, 1887 Stavanger-December 14, 1952 Haugesund) also known as Valen, Fartein was a Norwegian composer.

His albums include The Eternal, The Complete Symphonies and Sibelius: Violin Concerto / Stenhammar: Two Sentimental Romances / Valen: Violin Concerto.

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Svein Krøvel

Svein Krøvel (May 12, 1946 Norway-December 29, 2011) also known as Svein Krövel or Svein Krovel was a Norwegian cinematographer and photographer.

He died caused by cancer.

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Harald Sohlberg

Harald Sohlberg (September 29, 1869 Oslo-June 19, 1935) also known as Harald Oscar Sohlberg was a Norwegian artist, painter and visual artist.

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Johannes Brecke

Johannes Brecke (October 1, 1877 Drammen-April 28, 1943) a.k.a. Johannes Onsager Brecke was a Norwegian businessperson and politician.

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Per G. Jonson

Per G. Jonson (April 11, 1910-October 16, 1975) also known as Per Jonson or Per Gunnar Jonson was a Norwegian cinematographer and ski jumper.

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Harald Stormoen

Harald Stormoen (September 8, 1872 Nord-Odal-November 14, 1937 Oslo) was a Norwegian actor. He had one child, Guri Stormoen.

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Johan Sebastian Welhaven

Johan Sebastian Welhaven (December 22, 1807 Bergen-October 21, 1873 Oslo) was a Norwegian writer, poet and critic. His child is Hjalmar Welhaven.

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Arvid Hanssen

Arvid Hanssen (July 28, 1932 Senja-April 5, 1998) was a Norwegian journalist, newspaper editor, poet, novelist and writer.

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Willie Hoel

Willie Hoel (June 16, 1920 Oslo-June 15, 1986) was a Norwegian actor.

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Michael Birkeland

Michael Birkeland (December 16, 1830 Eigersund-May 24, 1896) was a Norwegian historian and politician.

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