Norwegian musicians died at 80

Here are 29 famous musicians from Norway died at 80:

Edgar Bruun

Edgar Bruun (August 4, 1905 Norway-October 30, 1985) was a Norwegian personality.

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Einar Ræder

Einar Ræder (February 2, 1896-March 10, 1976) was a Norwegian personality.

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Per Stavem

Per Stavem (March 1, 1926-September 24, 2006) was a Norwegian personality.

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Erling Kaas

Erling Kaas (August 19, 1915-June 17, 1996) was a Norwegian personality.

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Hans Eleonardus Møller, Sr.

Hans Eleonardus Møller, Sr. (April 5, 1780 Onsøy-April 8, 1860) was a Norwegian businessperson. His child is Hans Eleonardus Møller.

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Gunnar Knudsen

Gunnar Knudsen (September 19, 1848 Arendal-December 1, 1928 Skien) was a Norwegian politician.

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Wilhelm Christopher Christophersen

Wilhelm Christopher Christophersen (December 15, 1832 Brevik-July 26, 1913 Oslo) was a Norwegian personality.

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Erik Grønseth

Erik Grønseth (September 13, 1925 Norway-October 8, 2005) was a Norwegian personality.

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Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch (December 12, 1863 Ådalsbruk-January 23, 1944 Oslo) was a Norwegian artist, painter and visual artist. His child is Jacob Munch.

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Tom Tellefsen

Tom Tellefsen (October 30, 1931 Asker-January 17, 2012 Oslo) was a Norwegian actor.

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Randi Heide Steen

Randi Heide Steen (December 15, 1909 Oslo-November 12, 1990 Oslo) also known as Randi Steen or Randi Jacobsen was a Norwegian singer and actor. Her child is Anne Marit Jacobsen.

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Mona Hofland

Mona Hofland (June 24, 1929 Oslo-February 11, 2010 Oslo) also known as Mona Hofland Skjønberg was a Norwegian actor.

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Alf Malland

Alf Malland (January 24, 1917 Bergen-August 16, 1997) otherwise known as (Alfonse) Alf Mjølner Malland, Alfonse Mjølner Malland, Alf Mjølner Malland or Mjølner Hansen was a Norwegian actor and screenwriter.

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Knud Ibsen

Knud Ibsen (October 3, 1797 Skien-October 24, 1877 Skien) also known as Knud Plesner Ibsen was a Norwegian personality. His children are Henrik Ibsen, Hedvig Ibsen, Johan Altenburg Ibsen, Johan Andreas Ibsen, Nicolai Alexander Ibsen and Ole Paus Ibsen.

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Nicolai Andresen

Nicolai Andresen (September 24, 1781-November 18, 1861) was a Norwegian merchant and banker.

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Nils Juell Dybwad

Nils Juell Dybwad (January 9, 1892 Oslo-June 27, 1972) was a Norwegian barrister.

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Kjell Fjørtoft

Kjell Fjørtoft (March 5, 1930 Tromsø-May 14, 2010) was a Norwegian journalist, writer and photographer.

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Reidar Jørgensen

Reidar Jørgensen (October 5, 1904 Lillehammer-September 22, 1985 Trondheim) was a Norwegian athlete and educator.

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Karin Stoltenberg

Karin Stoltenberg (November 23, 1931 Norway-October 17, 2012) was a Norwegian personality. His child is Jens Stoltenberg.

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Kåre Holt

Kåre Holt (October 10, 1916 Våle-March 15, 1997 Holmestrand) a.k.a. Kare Holt was a Norwegian writer and author.

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Torborg Nedreaas

Torborg Nedreaas (November 13, 1906 Bergen-June 30, 1987) also known as Torborg Nederaas was a Norwegian writer and author.

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Ivo Caprino

Ivo Caprino (February 17, 1920 Oslo-February 8, 2001 Oslo) was a Norwegian film director, screenwriter, writer, cinematographer and film producer. He had two children, Remo Caprino and Ivonne Caprino.

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G.H. Monrad-Krohn

G.H. Monrad-Krohn (March 14, 1884 Bergen-April 5, 1964 Oslo) was a Norwegian neurologist.

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Lauritz Falk

Lauritz Falk (November 15, 1909 Brussels-February 1, 1990 Stockholm) also known as Larry Falk was a Norwegian actor, film director, singer and painter. He had one child, Eva Möller.

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Øivin Fjeldstad

Øivin Fjeldstad (May 2, 1903 Oslo-October 16, 1983 Oslo) was a Norwegian conductor. He had two children, Lise Fjeldstad and Øivin Skappel Fjeldstad.

His albums include and .

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Rolf Søder

Rolf Søder (July 4, 1918 Oslo-August 23, 1998 Oslo) also known as Rolf Søderstrøm was a Norwegian actor.

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Ole Hansen

Ole Hansen (July 31, 1842 Enebakk-November 4, 1922) was a Norwegian military officer.

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Kjell Hallbing

Kjell Hallbing (November 5, 1934 Bærum-April 5, 2015 Tønsberg) a.k.a. Louis Masterson was a Norwegian writer.

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Harald Strøm

Harald Strøm (October 14, 1897 Horten-December 25, 1977 Borre) was a Norwegian personality.

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