Polish movie actors born in the year 1976

Here are 22 famous actors from Poland were born in 1976:

Rafal Cieszynski

Rafal Cieszynski (June 10, 1976 Rypin-) is a Polish actor. He has two children, Zofia Cieszyńska and Antoni Cieszyński.

Piotr Nowak

Piotr Nowak (March 2, 1976 Stronie Śląskie-) is a Polish actor and theatre director.

Marcin Bortkiewicz

Marcin Bortkiewicz (January 27, 1976 Słupsk-) is a Polish film director, actor and screenwriter.


Tede (July 24, 1976 Warsaw-) a.k.a. TEDE, Jacek Graniecki or DJ Buhh is a Polish record producer, actor, rapper and entrepreneur.

Paweł Małaszyński

Paweł Małaszyński (June 26, 1976 Szczecinek-) is a Polish actor and musician. He has two children, Jeremiasz Małaszyński and Lea Małaszyńska.

Marcin Tyszka

Marcin Tyszka (April 13, 1976 Warsaw-) is a Polish photographer and actor.

Mariusz Pogonowski

Mariusz Pogonowski (April 7, 1976 Płock-) is a Polish actor.

Krzysztof Łukaszewicz

Krzysztof Łukaszewicz (February 29, 1976 Szczecin-) also known as Krzysztof Lukaszewicz is a Polish screenwriter, actor and film director.

Wojciech Klata

Wojciech Klata (January 27, 1976 Warsaw-) also known as Wojtek Klata or Wojciech Klata is a Polish actor.

Lukasz Konopka

Lukasz Konopka (December 22, 1976 Czeladź-) also known as Łukasz Konopka is a Polish actor.

Piotr Miazga

Piotr Miazga (December 24, 1976 Łódź-) is a Polish actor.

Kacper Kuszewski

Kacper Kuszewski (June 21, 1976 Słupsk-) is a Polish actor.

Andrzej Andrzejewski

Andrzej Andrzejewski (January 1, 1976 Bartoszyce-) is a Polish actor.

Zbigniew Kozlowski

Zbigniew Kozlowski (April 8, 1976 Płock-) is a Polish actor.

Robert Jarociński

Robert Jarociński (May 8, 1976 Toruń-) also known as Robert Jarocinski is a Polish actor.

Marcin Malatynski

Marcin Malatynski (June 5, 1976 Poznań-) a.k.a. Marcin Malatyński is a Polish film producer and actor.

Tomasz Mandes

Tomasz Mandes (June 14, 1976 Warsaw-) is a Polish actor.

Filip Budweil

Filip Budweil (August 20, 1976 Kraków-) is a Polish actor.

Pawel Lawrynowicz

Pawel Lawrynowicz (April 6, 1976 Lębork-) is a Polish actor.

Marek Rachon

Marek Rachon (October 25, 1976 Poland-) is a Polish actor.

Michal Paszczyk

Michal Paszczyk (June 16, 1976 Wrocław-) is a Polish screenwriter, film director and actor.

Bartlomiej Bobrowski

Bartlomiej Bobrowski (July 9, 1976-) also known as Bartek Bobrowski is a Polish actor.

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