Polish movie actors died in the year 1969

Here are 3 famous actors from Poland died in 1969:

Jerzy Zawieyski

Jerzy Zawieyski (October 2, 1902-June 18, 1969 Warsaw) was a Polish writer, journalist, politician, playwright and actor.

During World War II, Zawieyski took part in Polish resistance against the Nazi occupation, working as a soldier and a courier. After the war, he became a prominent figure in the Polish Communist Party and was elected to the Sejm (Polish parliament) in 1947. As a writer, Zawieyski was known for his satirical works, including the novel "Kolumbowie" and the play "Panopticum." He was also involved in theater as an actor and director. Despite his political activities, Zawieyski was critical of the Soviet Union and its policies, and was eventually expelled from the Communist Party in 1956 during the period of de-Stalinization. He continued to write and work in theater until his death in 1969.

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Wojciech Frykowski

Wojciech Frykowski (December 22, 1936 Łódź-August 9, 1969 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Voytek Frykowski or Voyteck Frykowski was a Polish writer and actor. His child is called Bartłomiej Frykowski.

In the 1960s, Frykowski moved to the United States where he became involved with the counterculture scene in Los Angeles. He quickly befriended director Roman Polanski and became a regular in the circle of friends that included the likes of Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring.

Unfortunately, Frykowski's life was cut short when he was brutally murdered by members of the Manson Family alongside Tate, Sebring, and two others at Tate's Los Angeles home in 1969. The murders shocked the nation and became a major cultural event in the late 1960s.

Frykowski's legacy lives on as a symbol of the innocent victims that fell prey to one of the most notorious crimes of the 20th century. His story has been the subject of many books and films, including the 2019 Quentin Tarantino film "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood".

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Bogumił Kobiela

Bogumił Kobiela (May 31, 1931 Katowice-July 10, 1969 Gdańsk) a.k.a. Bogumil Kobeila or Bohdan Kobiela was a Polish actor.

He graduated from the State Theatre School in Kraków in 1953, and made his stage debut the following year in Lublin. Kobiela appeared in numerous films, including "Eroica" (1958), "Lotna" (1959), and "Krzyżacy" (1960). He was also a prolific voice actor, dubbing foreign films into Polish. Despite his successful career, Kobiela struggled with alcohol addiction and died at the age of 38 in Gdańsk.

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