Polish movie actresses died when they were 49

Here are 1 famous actresses from Poland died at 49:

Nato Vachnadze

Nato Vachnadze (June 14, 1904 Warsaw-June 14, 1953) a.k.a. Nato Andronikashvili, ნატო ვაჩნაძე, ნატო ანდრონიკაშვილი or Natalya Georgiyevna Vachnadze was a Polish actor. She had three children, Eldar Shengelaia, Giorgi Shengelaia and Tengiz Vachnadze.

She died in aviation accident or incident.

Nato Vachnadze was born in Warsaw, Poland to a Georgian family. She began her acting career in the Georgian National Theater and later in the Marjanishvili Theater in Tbilisi. Vachnadze appeared in a number of Georgian and Soviet films throughout her career, including the 1935 film "Khabarda". She was known for her exceptional acting skills and was considered as one of the most talented actresses of her time.

Vachnadze married the Georgian film director Nikoloz Shengelaia, and the couple had three children: Eldar Shengelaia, Giorgi Shengelaia, and Tengiz Vachnadze. All three of her children went on to become prominent figures in the Georgian film industry.

Unfortunately, Nato Vachnadze's life was cut short due to a tragic aviation accident or incident, which occurred on her birthday in 1953. She was on board an Aeroflot flight that crashed near Baku, Azerbaijan, with no survivors. Despite her untimely death, Vachnadze's legacy as an outstanding actress and a devoted mother continues to be remembered and celebrated to this day.

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