Polish movie actresses died when they were 66

Here are 1 famous actresses from Poland died at 66:

Pola Gojawiczyńska

Pola Gojawiczyńska (April 1, 1896 Warsaw-March 29, 1963 Warsaw) a.k.a. Apolonia Gojawiczyńska or Apolonia Koźniewska was a Polish actor.

She began her career in theater in 1913 and soon became one of the most popular and highly regarded actresses of her time. She performed in various theaters across Poland and played a wide range of roles, including Shakespeare's heroines.

In addition to her work in theater, Gojawiczyńska also appeared in several films, including the first Polish sound film, "Ewa Gets Her Chance" (1930). However, it was her stage performances that earned her the most acclaim, and she received numerous awards for her acting.

During World War II, Gojawiczyńska was active in the Polish resistance, using her acting skills to help smuggle people and documents. After the war, she continued to work in theater and film until her death in 1963.

Today, Pola Gojawiczyńska is remembered as one of the greatest actresses in Polish history and a symbol of resistance and courage during difficult times.

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