Polish movie actresses died in the year 1978

Here are 1 famous actresses from Poland died in 1978:

Irena Horecka

Irena Horecka (November 4, 1902 Warsaw-January 24, 1978 Warsaw) also known as Irena Hones was a Polish actor.

Horecka studied acting at the Warsaw Theatre School and made her stage debut at the age of 16. She then appeared in numerous plays and films throughout her career, working with some of the most renowned directors of her time. Horecka was particularly known for her performances in comedies and operettas, and was praised for her talent, energy and humor. She also performed on radio and television, was a popular voice-over artist, and occasionally sang on stage. Horecka was awarded the Order of Polonia Restituta and the Knight's Cross of the Cross of Merit for her contributions to Polish culture. She passed away at the age of 75, leaving behind a legacy as one of Poland's most beloved actresses.

Horecka was not only a talented actor, but also a devoted activist. During World War II, she was a member of the Polish resistance and worked as a nurse in underground hospitals. She risked her life to help those in need and was later recognized for her bravery with the Cross of Valor. Horecka also served as a delegate to the Polish parliament and was a supporter of democratic reforms in her country. Her dedication to her craft and her country made her a beloved figure to many, and her contributions to the arts and the Polish people continue to be celebrated to this day.

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