Polish musicians died when they were 59

Here are 17 famous musicians from Poland died at 59:

Julian Tuwim

Julian Tuwim (September 13, 1894 Łódź-December 27, 1953 Zakopane) also known as Oldlen was a Polish writer, poet, journalist and translator. His child is called Ewa Tuwim-Woźniak.

He died caused by cardiac arrest.

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Raphael Lemkin

Raphael Lemkin (June 24, 1900 Vawkavysk-August 28, 1959 New York City) was a Polish lawyer and jurist.

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Wanda Wasilewska

Wanda Wasilewska (January 21, 1905 Kraków-July 29, 1964 Kiev) was a Polish writer.

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Antoni Cieszyński

Antoni Cieszyński (May 31, 1882 Oleśnica-July 4, 1941) also known as Antoni Cieszynski or Dr. Antoni Cieszyński was a Polish physician.

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Wilhelm Góra

Wilhelm Góra (January 18, 1916 Bytom-May 21, 1975) also known as Wilhelm Gora was a Polish personality.

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Juliusz Kaden-Bandrowski

Juliusz Kaden-Bandrowski (February 24, 1885 Rzeszów-August 8, 1944 Warsaw) was a Polish writer, journalist and novelist. He had two children, Andrzej Kaden-Bandrowski and Paweł Kaden-Bandrowski.

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Czesław Janczarski

Czesław Janczarski (September 2, 1911-April 5, 1971 Warsaw) was a Polish writer.

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Jerzy Zarzycki

Jerzy Zarzycki (January 11, 1911 Łódź-January 2, 1971 Warsaw) was a Polish film director and screenwriter.

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Stanisław Przybyszewski

Stanisław Przybyszewski (May 7, 1868 Łojewo, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship-November 23, 1927 Jaronty) was a Polish novelist. His child is called Stanisława Przybyszewska.

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Izabela Jaruga-Nowacka

Izabela Jaruga-Nowacka (August 23, 1950 Gdańsk-April 10, 2010 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash site) was a Polish politician.

She died caused by aviation accident or incident.

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Hedwig Jagiellon, Electress of Brandenburg

Hedwig Jagiellon, Electress of Brandenburg (March 15, 1513 Poznań-February 7, 1573 Neuruppin) was a Polish personality. Her child is called Hedwig of Brandenburg, Duchess of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel.

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Marian Goliński

Marian Goliński (July 16, 1949 Radom-June 11, 2009 Andrzejów Duranowski) a.k.a. Marian Tomasz Golinski was a Polish personality.

He died in traffic collision.

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Feliksa Kozłowska

Feliksa Kozłowska (May 27, 1862 Poland-August 23, 1921 Płock) was a Polish personality.

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Andrzej Skrzydlewski

Andrzej Skrzydlewski (November 3, 1946-May 28, 2006) was a Polish personality.

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Ignacy Łukasiewicz

Ignacy Łukasiewicz (March 8, 1822 Zaduszniki, Podkarpackie Voivodeship-January 7, 1882) also known as Jan Józef Ignacy Łukasiewicz was a Polish pharmacist.

He died as a result of pneumonia.

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Michał Stefan Radziejowski

Michał Stefan Radziejowski (December 3, 1645-October 13, 1705) was a Polish personality.

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Walery Sławek

Walery Sławek (November 2, 1879 Lypovets Raion-April 3, 1939 Warsaw) was a Polish politician.

He died in suicide.

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