American music stars died in Thrombus

Here are 2 famous musicians from United States of America died in Thrombus:

Tammy Wynette

Tammy Wynette (May 5, 1942 Bounds-April 6, 1998 Nashville) otherwise known as Tmmy Wynette, Tammy Winette, Virginia Wynette Pugh or Wynette, Tammy was an American songwriter, singer, actor and musician. She had four children, Tamala Georgette Jones, Jackie Daly, Tina Denise Byrd and Gwendolyn Lee Byrd.

Discography: The Best of Tammy Wynette: Live in Concert, The Definitive Collection, 16 Biggest Hits, 20 Greatest Hits, Anniversary: Twenty Years of Hits, Best Loved Hits, Christmas With Tammy, First Lady / We Sure Can Love Each Other, Greatest Hits and Singing My Songs. Genres: Nashville sound and Country.

Tammy Wynette was born in Mississippi and was raised in a poverty-stricken family. She dropped out of school at age 17 and married her first husband, Euple Byrd. Tammy worked various jobs to make ends meet, including being a beautician and a waitress. During this time, she developed her love for country music and began performing in local clubs.

In 1966, Tammy's hit single "I Don't Wanna Play House" became her first number one hit, which led to several more chart-topping songs. She was known for her emotive vocals and iconic hits such as "Stand by Your Man," "D-I-V-O-R-C-E," and "Til I Can Make It on My Own."

Aside from her music career, Tammy acted in several films and TV shows, including "The Dukes of Hazzard" and "Marie." She was also a writer and co-wrote her autobiography "Stand By Your Man" with Joan Dew in 1979.

Tammy had a tumultuous personal life, being married and divorced five times. She battled health issues throughout her career, including an addiction to prescription drugs. Tammy Wynette passed away in 1998 due to a blood clot in her lungs. However, her legacy as the "First Lady of Country Music" lives on, and her impact on the genre is still felt today.

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Dana Key

Dana Key (December 30, 1953-June 6, 2010) also known as Key, Dana was an American , .

His albums: Part of the Mystery and The Journey. Genres: Christian music.

Dana Key was an American musician, singer-songwriter, and composer. He was born on December 30, 1953, in Memphis, Tennessee, and raised in Mississippi. Key was best known as a member of the Christian rock duo DeGarmo and Key, which he co-founded with Eddie DeGarmo in 1978. As a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter for the band, Key helped pioneer Christian rock music in the 1980s and 1990s.

Key's musical career began in the 1970s with the band Target, which released a self-titled debut album in 1976. After a brief stint with the band E Band, Key formed DeGarmo and Key with Eddie DeGarmo. The duo released their first album, "This Time Thru," in 1978, and went on to release over a dozen albums in the following decades, including "Mission of Mercy," "Streetlight," and "Destined to Win."

Key was also a successful solo artist, releasing several albums under his own name, including "Part of the Mystery" and "The Journey." He collaborated with fellow Christian artists like Petra, Margaret Becker, and the Imperials, and was known for his powerful voice, passionate guitar playing, and heartfelt lyrics.

Unfortunately, Dana Key passed away at the age of 56 on June 6, 2010, due to complications from a ruptured blood clot. However, his music and legacy continue to inspire countless fans around the world.

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