Russian actors who were born in 1943

Here are 10 famous actors from Russia were born in 1943:

Aleksandr Pashutin

Aleksandr Pashutin (January 28, 1943 Moscow-) also known as Aleksandr Pasutin, A. Pashutin or Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pashutin is a Russian actor.

Aleksandr Lenkov

Aleksandr Lenkov (May 17, 1943 Rasskazovo-April 21, 2014 Moscow) also known as Aleksandr Sergeyevich Lenkov, A. Lenkov, A. Linkov, Aleksandr Sergeevich Lenkov or Alexander Sergeyevich Lenkov was a Russian actor. His child is called Ekaterina Lenkova.

Valeriy Priyomykhov

Valeriy Priyomykhov (December 26, 1943 Belogorsk-August 25, 2000 Moscow) also known as Valerij Prijomychov, Valeriy Prijomikhov, Valeri Mikhailovich Priyomykhov or Valeri Priyomykhov was a Russian writer, screenwriter, film director and actor. He had one child, Nina Priyomykhova.

Pyotr Merkuryev

Pyotr Merkuryev (June 17, 1943 Kolpashevo-September 27, 2010 Moscow) also known as Petr Merkuryev, P. Merkuryev, Petr Vasilyevich Merkuryev, Pyotr Vasilyevich Merkuryev-Meyerhold, Pyotr Merkurev or Pyotr Vasilevich Merkurev was a Russian actor, journalist and musicologist.

Ivan Gordienko

Ivan Gordienko (December 20, 1943 Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi-) otherwise known as Ива́н Алексе́евич Гордие́нко or Иван Гордиенко is a Russian actor.

Gennadi Khudyakov

Gennadi Khudyakov (September 3, 1943 Saint Petersburg-March 5, 2013 Saint Petersburg) also known as Genya Khudyakov was a Russian actor.

Pyotr Zaychenko

Pyotr Zaychenko (April 1, 1943 Pallasovsky District-) a.k.a. Piotr Zaitchenko, Pyotr Petrovich Zajchenko or P. Zajchenko is a Russian actor.

Anatoly Kroll

Anatoly Kroll (April 20, 1943 Chelyabinsk-) also known as Anatoli Osherovitch Kroll or Anatoli Kroll is a Russian composer, actor and film score composer.

Vyacheslav Spesivtsev

Vyacheslav Spesivtsev (February 6, 1943 Moscow-) is a Russian actor. He has two children, Semyon Spesivtsev and Vasily Spesivtsev.

Alexander Knayfel

Alexander Knayfel (November 28, 1943 Tashkent-) also known as Alexander Aronovich Knayfel, Aleksandr Knaifel, Aleksandr Knajfel, Aleksandr Knayfel, Alexander Kneiffel or Alexander Aronovich Knaifel is a Russian composer, actor and film score composer.

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