Russian actors who deceased at age 75

Here are 6 famous actors from Russia died at 75:

Constantin Stanislavski

Constantin Stanislavski (January 17, 1863 Moscow-August 7, 1938 Moscow) a.k.a. Konstantin Stanislavsky, Constantin Sergeyevich Stanislavski, Konstantin Sergeyevich Alekseyev or Konstantin Stanislavski was a Russian actor, theatre director and theatre practitioner.

He is best known for developing a system of acting known as the "Stanislavski Method" or "Method Acting," which focuses on the actor's psychological and emotional connection to their character. Stanislavski was also the co-founder of the Moscow Arts Theatre and directed many of the theatre's productions. He wrote several influential books on acting, including "An Actor Prepares" and "Building a Character." Outside of theatre, Stanislavski was a prominent figure in the Russian cultural and intellectual scene, associating with prominent artists, writers, and thinkers of his time.

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Yuri Nikulin

Yuri Nikulin (December 18, 1921 Demidov, Smolensk Oblast-August 21, 1997 Moscow) also known as Jurij Nikulin, Nikulin, Jurij, Yuri Vladimirovich Nikulin, Yuriy Nikulin or Yu. Nikulin was a Russian clown, actor, comedian, mime artist, ringmaster and presenter. He had one child, Maksim Nikulin.

Yuri Nikulin began his career as a circus clown and quickly rose to fame for his comedic talents. He performed in the Moscow State Circus and was the main performer in the popular clown trio "Bim-Bom." Nikulin's comedic skills led him to become a popular film actor, starring in several Soviet-era comedies such as "The Diamond Arm" and "The Caucasian Prisoner."

Nikulin was also a talented mime artist, and his performances in this genre won him numerous awards, including the prestigious Grand Prix at the 1968 International Festival of Mimic and Gestural Theatre in France.

In addition to his work as a performer, Nikulin was a prominent figure in the Moscow circus industry. He became the director of the Moscow Circus in 1982, a position he held until his death in 1997. During his tenure as director, he oversaw the modernization and expansion of the circus, introducing new acts and performances that helped to revitalize the institution.

Along with his work in the circus and film industry, Nikulin was actively involved in philanthropic efforts, particularly those aimed at benefiting children. He founded the Nikulin Circus Fund, which continues to support charitable causes in Russia to this day.

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Yuri Sergeevich Lavrov

Yuri Sergeevich Lavrov (March 14, 1905 Saint Petersburg-August 20, 1980 Kiev) otherwise known as Yu. Lavrov or Yuri Lavrov was a Russian actor. He had one child, Kirill Lavrov.

Yuri Lavrov started his acting career in the 1920s and became a well-known actor in the Soviet Union. He appeared in numerous films, including "The Return of Maxim," "The Big Family," and "They Fought for Their Country." Lavrov was recognized for his talent and won various awards for his performances, including the Stalin Prize in 1946 and 1947. In addition to acting in films, Lavrov was also a theater actor and director. He worked at the Moscow Art Theatre and later became the director of the Kiev Academic Drama Theater. Lavrov was known for his versatility on stage and screen, and his performances were praised for their emotional depth and realism. He passed away in 1980 at the age of 75.

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Anatoli Ravikovich

Anatoli Ravikovich (December 24, 1936 Saint Petersburg-April 8, 2012 Saint Petersburg) also known as Anatoli Yuryevich Ravikovich, Anatoly Yuryevich Ravikovich, Anatoly Ravikovich, A. Ravikovich or Anatoliy Ravikovich was a Russian actor. His children are Yelizaveta Ravikovich and Mariya Ravikovich.

He died as a result of cancer.

Anatoli Ravikovich was best known for his performances in Russian films and television shows. He graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music, and Cinematography in 1957 and began his acting career with the Leningrad Theater of Young Spectators.

Throughout his career, Ravikovich appeared in over 70 films and TV series, including "The Train Has Stopped" (1982), "The Window to Paris" (1993), and "The Barber of Siberia" (1998). He was highly regarded for his portrayals of complex characters and earned critical acclaim for his performances in many of his films.

In addition to his work in acting, Ravikovich was also a talented painter and poet. Several of his artworks were featured in exhibitions throughout Russia, and he published a book of poems in 2007.

Despite his success as an actor and artist, Ravikovich remained humble and dedicated to his craft. He was widely admired in the Russian entertainment industry and is remembered as a beloved figure in Russian culture.

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Semyon Farada

Semyon Farada (December 31, 1933 Moscow-August 20, 2009 Moscow) a.k.a. Semyon Lvovich Ferdman, S. Farada or Semyon L'vovich Ferdman PAR was a Russian actor. He had one child, Mikhail Politseymako.

Farada began his acting career in 1957, appearing in various theatrical productions in Moscow. He later transitioned to film and television, becoming well-known for his roles in several popular Soviet-era movies, including "Andrei Rublev" and "The Dawns Here Are Quiet."

In addition to his work as an actor, Farada was also involved in politics. He was a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and served as a member of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union.

Farada continued to act and perform throughout his life, appearing in numerous films, TV shows, and stage productions. He received several awards and honors for his contributions to the arts, including the Order of Honor and the People's Artist of Russia title.

Following a long and successful career, Farada died in Moscow in 2009 at the age of 75. He is remembered as an important figure in Russian theatre and cinema.

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Dmitri Plavinsky

Dmitri Plavinsky (April 28, 1937 Moscow-September 1, 2012 Moscow) was a Russian painter and actor.

He graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School and began his career as an actor in the Theater Lenkom. Plavinsky starred in numerous films and television programs, including "The Pokrovsky Gate" and "The Twelve Chairs."

In addition to his acting career, Plavinsky was also an accomplished painter. He studied with noted Russian painter Vladimir Stozharov and held several solo exhibitions of his artwork. His paintings often depicted simple, everyday moments and scenes, and were praised for their quiet beauty and sensitive portrayal of human emotion.

Plavinsky was awarded the Order of Merit for the Fatherland in 2007 for his contributions to Russian culture. He passed away in 2012 at the age of 75.

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