Russian musicians who were born in 1952

Here are 6 famous musicians from Russia were born in 1952:

Alexander Kutikov

Alexander Kutikov (April 13, 1952 Moscow-) also known as Kutikov, Alexander or Aleksandr Kutikov is a Russian singer, film score composer and composer. He has one child, Ekaterina Kutikova.

His albums: .

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Irina Allegrova

Irina Allegrova (January 20, 1952 Rostov-on-Don-) otherwise known as Irina Alexandrovna Allegrova, Ирина Аллегрова, Аллегрова or Allegrova, Irina is a Russian singer and actor. Her child is called Lala Allegrova.

Her most well known albums: Po Lezviyu Lyubvi, Popolam, S Dnem Rojdeniya, Allegrova 2007, Exclusive edition, Угонщица, Театр..., , Любовное настроение and Vsyo Snachala.

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Pavel Kogan

Pavel Kogan (June 6, 1952-) also known as Павел Коган is a Russian , .

His discography includes: Mozart, Mendelssohn: Concerti for Two Pianos.

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Semyon Bychkov

Semyon Bychkov (November 30, 1952 Saint Petersburg-) also known as Семен Бычков or Bychkov, Semyon is a Russian conductor.

His albums include Serenades, , Adagio and The Nutcracker, Op. 71 / Eugene Onegin, Op. 24.

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Vladimir Matetsky

Vladimir Matetsky (May 14, 1952 Moscow-) also known as Vladimir Matetskiy or V. Matetskiy is a Russian author, musician, record producer, singer-songwriter, film score composer, music producer and presenter. His children are called Maria Matetskaya and Leonid Matetsky.

His related genres: Electronica, Folk music, Rhythm and blues, Rock music, Pop music and Blues.

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Alexander Barykin

Alexander Barykin (February 18, 1952 Beryozovo, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-March 26, 2011 Orenburg) was a Russian musician.

He was one of the founders of the Russian rock band "Kino" along with Viktor Tsoi. Barykin was the lead singer and bassist for the band and was known for his powerful voice and energetic performances. After the disbandment of "Kino," Barykin went on to have a successful solo career, releasing numerous albums and performing in concerts throughout Russia. He was also known for his acting career, appearing in several films and television shows. Barykin was a beloved figure in the Russian music scene and is considered a pioneer of Russian rock. He passed away in 2011 at the age of 59.

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