Russian music stars deceased in Stroke

Here are 1 famous musicians from Russia died in Stroke:

Eduard Khil

Eduard Khil (September 4, 1934 Smolensk-June 4, 2012 Saint Petersburg) also known as Hil', Eduard was a Russian singer.

His albums: Grand Collection, , , , I am very glad, because I'm finally returning back home, , and . Genres: Pop music.

Eduard Khil was widely known for his viral hit song "Trololo," originally performed in 1976. The word "trololo" is actually nonsensical and was used as a placeholder for the lyrics in the song. However, the melody and Khil's unique vocalizations made it a hit and the song became known as "The Trololo Song" or "The Russian Rickroll."

Before becoming a singer, Khil studied at the Leningrad Conservatory and won several awards for his performances. He initially began his music career as a jazz singer and later transitioned into pop music. Khil also performed in a number of Soviet films and television shows throughout his career.

In 2010, Khil's "Trololo" video resurfaced online and went viral, making him an internet sensation at the age of 76. He later went on to perform the song on a number of talk shows and even released a new version of it in 2012.

Despite the success of "Trololo," Khil continued to release music and perform throughout his career. He was awarded the Order of Merit for the Fatherland in 2009 for his contribution to Russian music. Khil passed away in 2012 at the age of 77.

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