Serbian musicians died when they were 68

Here are 3 famous musicians from Serbia died at 68:

Vasko Popa

Vasko Popa (June 29, 1922 Grebenac-January 5, 1991 Belgrade) also known as Popa, Vasko was a Serbian poet, writer and author.

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Milan Nedić

Milan Nedić (September 2, 1877 Grocka-February 4, 1946 Belgrade) also known as Milan Nedic was a Serbian politician.

He died in suicide.

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Iván Petrovich

Iván Petrovich (January 1, 1894 Novi Sad-October 18, 1962 Munich) a.k.a. Ivan Petrovich, Ivan Petrovitch, Borislav Petrowitsch, Petrovics Iván, Petrovitch, Swetislaw Petrowitsch, Petovich Szvetiszláv, Petrovics, Ivan Pétrovich, Svetislav Petrovic or Petrovics Szvetiszlav was a Serbian actor and singer.

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