Serbian musicians died when they were 73

Here are 1 famous musicians from Serbia died at 73:

Josif Pančić

Josif Pančić (April 17, 1814 Vinodol, Croatia-March 8, 1888 Belgrade) also known as Josif Pancic was a Serbian botanist.

He is considered to be one of the most prominent botanists of the Balkans, and is recognized for his contributions to the development of modern botany in Serbia. Pančić is particularly known for his research on the flora of the Balkans and the Carpathian Mountains, as well as his work on the classification and nomenclature of plants.

Pančić received his education in Vienna, where he studied medicine and natural sciences. After completing his studies, he began working as a physician in Serbia, but his interest in botany led him to pursue a career as a plant researcher. He became the curator of the Belgrade Botanical Garden in 1853, and later established the first forestry school in Serbia.

Over the course of his career, Pančić conducted numerous expeditions to study the flora of the Balkans and other regions of Europe. He is credited with discovering several new plant species, including the Serbian spruce and the Serbian maple. Pančić also played an important role in the conservation of natural habitats and the establishment of protected areas.

Today, Pančić is widely celebrated in Serbia and other parts of the Balkans, and is remembered as a pioneer of modern botany in the region. Several plants and animals have been named in his honor, including the Pančićev vrh mountain peak in Serbia and the Pancicia fir in Italy.

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