Singaporean movie stars died at 39

Here are 2 famous actors from Singapore died at 39:

Paddy Chew

Paddy Chew (March 29, 1960 Katong-August 21, 1999) was a Singaporean actor and choreographer.

He died caused by hiv/aids.

Paddy Chew gained fame for his work in Singapore's theatre scene, particularly for his role as "Hossan Leong" in the 1993 play, "Army Daze". He was one of the first public figures in Singapore to come out as HIV-positive, which he did in 1998. Chew used his platform to advocate for better awareness and understanding of HIV/AIDS and to challenge the stigma surrounding the disease. He also continued to work in the arts until his passing in 1999 at the age of 39. Today, he is remembered for his contributions to Singaporean theatre and for his bravery in fighting for greater awareness and acceptance of those living with HIV/AIDS.

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Jimmy Nah

Jimmy Nah (April 13, 1968 Singapore-January 4, 2008 Singapore) a.k.a. Qingxi Lan, M.C. King, Nah Khim See, MC Nah Khim See or MC King was a Singaporean actor and comedian.

He began his career as a comedian and was known for his witty sense of humor, often incorporating social commentary and political satire into his acts. Nah later transitioned into acting, starring in several well-known Singaporean television dramas and films.

Nah was also a talented musician, having released several albums throughout his career which showcased his skills as a rapper and songwriter. He was considered a pioneer in the local hip-hop scene and his music often addressed societal issues, making him a beloved figure among many Singaporeans.

Sadly, Nah passed away in 2008 at the age of 39 after suffering a heart attack. His legacy lives on through his work in comedy and entertainment, as well as his contributions to the development of hip-hop culture in Singapore.

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