South Korean actresses died in Lung cancer

Here are 1 famous actresses from South Korea died in Lung cancer:

Kim Ja-ok

Kim Ja-ok (October 11, 1951 Busan-November 16, 2014 Seoul) also known as Ja-ok Kim, Gim Ja-ok, Kim Cha-ok, Kim Ja-Ok or Kim Jaok was a South Korean actor and voice actor. She had one child, Oh Young-hwan.

Kim Ja-ok began her acting career in 1970 and appeared in numerous films and dramas, gaining recognition and acclaim for her performances. She was known for her versatile acting skills and ability to play a wide range of roles, from comedic to dramatic. Some of her most notable works include the dramas "My Love, My Family" and "My Daughter Seo-young," as well as films such as "Mapado" and "Shiri." In addition to her work on screen, Kim Ja-ok was also a prolific voice actor, lending her voice to various animated films and television programs. She continued to act until her sudden passing in 2014, leaving behind a legacy as one of Korea's most beloved actors.

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