Spanish movie actors died when they were 60

Here are 1 famous actors from Spain died at 60:

Manuel Luna

Manuel Luna (April 27, 1898 Seville-June 9, 1958 Madrid) a.k.a. Manuel Luna Baños was a Spanish actor.

He began his career in the world of theater and later transitioned to the film industry during the era of Spanish cinema. Luna played many different roles throughout his career, from dramatic to comedic and even in musical films. He is best known for his role as Don Cicuta in the famous comedy film "Bienvenido Mister Marshall" (1953), directed by Luis García Berlanga. Luna's talent and dedication to his craft also earned him critical acclaim, and he was awarded the National Theater prize in 1949. Despite his success, he faced censorship during the Franco regime due to his leftist ideals, which led him to take on more secondary roles in the later years of his career.

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